Welcome To Waterworld

Another cutting edge IBE member company, Waterworld has been serving Manatee county and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Waterworld was created in 1996 and has continued to offer the most technologically advanced water purification systems in the Gulf Coast area.  Free quotes and clear explanations about how to maintain your water purification system are what Waterworld specializes in, and they are located at 5355 McIntosh Rd. in Sarasota. Call them at 941-927-8687 and set up an appointment today.  You can also read more about what services Waterworld offers by logging onto their website atwww.waterworldpurification.com.

From its inception in 1996, Waterworld has been run by its original owner, offering a complete line of solutions from under sink to whole house reverse osmosis systems.  Waterworld services what they sell.  Any parts or replacement items are available through their company, plus the supplies needed to keep you up and running. This makes life easier for everyone and makes Waterworld your complete, one-stop source of purification services and products.

Manatee County Water PurificationYou can either drop in to Waterworld’s showroom or call to discuss your needs with one of their trained technicians.  Your needs will be different depending on whether you have a Well Water System or Municipal Water Supply.

Drinking water is subject to many contaminants.  Whether you have a well or a municipal water system, you run the risk of encountering a variety of dangerous chemicals and contaminants.  These include lead, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, bacteria, and more.  On their website, Waterworld has a link to providing complete information tables on water contaminants, including Microorganisms, Disinfection Byproducts, Disinfectants, Inorganic chemicals and Radionuclides.  You will also find general drinking water information available on their website.

When buying a water purification system, you need to check to see if it is certified to the requirements of strict public health standards by NSF International.  NSF is internationally recognized as a not-for-profit, third-party organization with more than 50 years of experience in testing and certifying products to meet strict health standards.  “Tested to NSF standards” is not the gold standard; “NSF Certified” is what you are looking for.

Sarasota County Water PurificationShopping online from Waterworld’s website is a service that will be available to our customers shortly. You’ll be able to order any replacement parts from the site, but in the meanwhile, call 941-927-8687 for assistance with ordering parts.

Waterworld Purification Systems is conveniently located on McIntosh Rd. in Sarasota, Fl, between Clark Rd. and Ashton Rd.  Look driving directions and a map on their website.