Welcome To Phonerover, An Important IBE Barter Member

PhoneRover is the industry’s most comprehensive Patient messaging and Notification service.  They can supply important services to all members of the International Barter Exchange.   They’ll help your dental or medical practices communicate with patients via Automated Voice Calls, SMS Text Messages and through their Health-On-Hold Channel,  cutting response time in half and resolving communication issues and patient issues in a timely fashion.  Patients need answers and your practice needs to keep your patients happy.  Phone Rover accomplishes that with new and efficient services that will free up some of your staff to complete their necessary tasks without much disruption.  We feature the following quality, time saving solutions.

On-Hold Music & Messaging – Connect your telephone waiting room to PhoneRover’s Health On-Hold Channel, designed to inform, educate and entertain your patients while they wait. Patient Appointment Reminders automatically remind patients of upcoming appointments and provide special appointment instructions using personalized phone call reminders and text messages. Patient Outreach Notifications promote better patient outcomes. Send routine wellness and shot notifications. Even help your practice’s bottom line with PhoneRover’s Patient Outreach capabilities.

Patient Rescheduling for no-shows or future appointments has never been easier. You can even provide patients with the option to transfer directly to your scheduling desk. Broadcast Notification Services broadcast messages and enable you to rapidly call and deliver the exact same voice message or text message to a large number of patients, fast.  They can also supply on-hold messaging for non-medical businesses.

PhoneRover is a national provider of communication solutions for the healthcare and dental industries. They are privately owned and operated by Phone Messaging Servicesindividuals with proven experience developing and deploying automated voice messaging and notification solutions that are used by millions of subscribers in dozens of countries. Guided by innovation, creative thinking and the fundamental principle that true success begins by helping others first. PhoneRover is a for profit company supporting a philanthropic cause – Our S.H.A.R.E Initiative – who uses PhoneRover technology to support healthcare and dental Providers in their quest to positively influence patient outcomes. Their  mission is to facilitate the gratis delivery of one billion Safety, Health, Awareness, Readiness and Engagement messages annually.

There are many ways of reaching PhoneRover, and an information technologist.  You can log onto their website atwww.phonerover.com and fill out the request form, or feel free to call 941 921-1041 ext.700.  Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Their mailing address is PhoneRover, 5996 Clark Center Ave. Sarasota, Fl. 34238.