Total Koatings

IBE Barter welcomes you to Total Koatings.  There is no longer a reason to replace your bath, shower, or porcelain fixtures. Why replace when you can refinish your bathtub, shower or sink to look and perform like new at a fraction of the cost?  If you call Total Koatings, at 941-870-0369, they can provide exciting and hassle-free answers to your bathroom and kitchen surface problems.

When you use Total Koatings you will receive their standard 5 year warranty, and you will discover that their work and products outlast the other “refinishing” products. Being supportive of our green earth, they only use non-toxic chemicals and therefore, do not spread harmful or toxic fumes around your home.

Your new glaze hardens to a true porcelain coating finish, and it will also be scratch resistant and is FDA approved for food preparations on counter tops, if your kitchen is the surface being reglazed.

Non Toxic Reglazing is definitely the safer, easier choice with a minimum of downtime. You will have your choice of colors and finishes and be assured that only safe and non-toxic surfacing is being applied in your home.  This safety-minded  business attitude wins Total Koatings IBE vote for safety and environmental respect.

Tub ReglazingCustomers and their safety are number one to Total Koatings.  They use a KV-40 glaze, which, after undergoing many tests by the FDA, was found to be the safest, non-toxic material available in the trade.  These same glazes are smart and green-minded for the surfaces in your kitchen, where you prepare food for your family.  Knowing you are doing the safest thing for your family means a lot to their customers!

In addition to being both Safe and Non-Toxic, their glazes do not contain any carcinogens that can cause cancer as with urethane type paints. With their complicated world and the information now being available about harmful products, rest assured that Total Koatings is 100% safe, durable and long-lasting.  Recoating will save you money, as well.  Your bathtub, shower, or kitchen surfaces will look brand new!

Log onto their website at  and see the before and after pictures of transformations  Total Koatings is located at 8858 Misty Creek Drive in Sarasota.  They are a company using  state-of-the-art materials and processes.

Shower Renovation Sarasota FloridaWhile there may be other refinishing companies around, what sets Total Koatings apart is their association with Kott Koatings. Kott Koatings pioneered the reglazing process in 1953 and has a worldwide reputation that is unmatched. Kott Koatings introduced an advanced process of refinishing which works on “chemical bonding” as opposed to “mechanical bonding”.

Their products comply with the highest U.S. government health and transportation agencies. The products are so advanced, no one has been able to duplicate these products and processes. Now YOU can have access to these products and processes through Total Koatings.