The Thinking Center

Welcome to The Thinking Center, an IBE Member and Valuable Learning Tool.  They call themselves a reading and cognitive clinic and offer very specific and beneficial services that provide long term outcomes in reading and comprehension while employing short-term reading interventions.

Many of us know the heartbreak and defeat when our child struggles to learn to read.  It’s embarrassing and their lack of confidence sinks to a new level.  The Thinking Center has a unique approach which begin at the sensory-motor level and then move to the cognitive level which directly effects his or her achievement outcome.  If your child or teen cannot successfully read, write, spell or use the English language with any success, their teacher will work with learning and teaching new ways to effectively gain a whole new way of learning.

Since 1991, The Thinking Center has helped over 6000 students locally and nationally.  If your student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, they can treat the causeTutoring Center Sarasota Bradenton of that disability and see vast improvement in those kids with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalcula.  The Thinking Center can also help children and teens with sensory integration.

What separates The Thinking Center from other similar center?  Firstly, their Director, Amy F. Weinberger, who is also the Founder and Neuro-Educator at the Thinking Center works directly with parents and families at school conferences, at 504 planning meetings, and IEP meetings to insure each student gets the optimal support and each parent’s voice is heard and sees that direct action is taken at the school level.

The processes used at  the Center are always taught 1 on 1.  They are taught how to manage short-term memory patterning, and then begin to combine audio processing, segmenting, blending, and code knowledge  so your student can begin to manage words better.  This results in improved vocabulary and comprehension.

Education Center Sarasota Bradenton FloridaSince 1991, Amy and her team have been providing reading and cognitive training to students in grades K-12 and beyond. She is the founder of The Thinking Center, an innovative tutorial/training company. Its mission is to provide short-term interventions for long-term skill-based outcomes. As a neuro-educator, Amy has had the privilege of creating and developing two remarkable schools: The GAP School (2004) and The Thinking Center Academy (2009). Prior to The GAP School, Amy partnered with a speech/language pathologist and co-founded Camp Arrow (1999), a summer camp for kids who didn’t fit into the mainstream day camping experience. She is also credited for establishing the first camp (2005)  in Sarasota devoted to social skills training which is housed at The GAP School.  All of these projects have directly benefited the community positively and have helped well over 7000 students become better readers, students and thinkers!

Amy is a graduate of Emory University with a teaching certification from Georgia State University certified in 7-12 social studies. Currently,Tutoring Sarasota Bradenton Florida she is pursuing her Masters in Science from Wilkes University in Instructional Media.

The Thinking Center is located in the Sunrise Plaza at 5989 Approach Rd, Sarasota, Fl.  Please call for discussion or to make an appointment at 941-924-6373, or visit our website

There is no better gift a parent can give a child then to help them be a confident reader, speller and writer of the English language.  Give the Thinking Center a call today.