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12 Profitable Barter Strategies for the New Year!


12 Profitable Barter Strategies for the New Year!

1. Increase Marketshare: When accepting barter business, not only do you increase sales, but you take the sale away from your competitors.

2. Reduce Overhead Costs: Using incremental barter sales to offset daily operating expenses can reduce overhead costs, i.e. janitorial service, water or coffee service, vehicle maintenance, signage, etc.

3. Collect Slow Receivables: Offer barter as a method of payment for buyers who are collection problems. Barter can also be a great alternative for buyers whose purchasing power is limited because of their credit standing.

4. Penetrate Lost Accounts: By accepting other goods as payment and filtering them through the network, you can penetrate elusive accounts.

5. Generate Referrals: More barter business typically means more people talk about your business and refer new potential cash customers, whom you otherwise would not find.

6. Reduce the Cost of Borrowing: Rather than paying cash interest on working capital or capital expenditure loans, establish a credit line from IBE Barter against future products sales – the interest is all on trade.

7. Enhance Employee Benefits: Secure employee loyalty and productivity by bartering for medical services, vehicle repair, uniforms, travel and other employee incentives.

8. Utilize Excess Capacity: As fixed costs remain the same during good times and slow times, utilize excess capacity to pay for operating expenses that are normally paid for in cash.

9. Convert Excess Inventory: List slow moving goods with IBE Barter and earn trade dollars that can be used for today’s operating expenses

10. Expand Your Advertising: Bartering your advertising will bring in new cash customers and you’ll be more visible as your competitors conserve their cash budgets.

11. Revamp your Printed Materials: Start off the New Year by revamping your company’s printed materials. Offset cash costs of printing, graphic design and commercial photography with barter.

12. Budget and Implementation: Lay out a barter budget and implement the plan throughout the year. If you budget for it, you can make it all happen!


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The Value of Wholesale Buying Power with IBE Barter

IBE Barter stimulates and brings you New and Additional Plus Business and provides you Cash Savings when making purchases.

Building NEW Business Relationships is one of the most valuable assets within the IBE Barter Community. Always treat your IBE trading partners with respect and REMEMBER, they are a VALUABLE Resource and will recommend you cash customers when they are satisfied with your services and you have earned their trust and respect.

The IBE Dollar is stronger than ever and backed by the IBE Members Products and Services.

IBE Markets your company, brings you new and additional plus business and reduces your costs when making purchases with your IBE Dollars.

Every business has a cost to generate a sale. The average cost of generating a sale is 28 to 36 percent according to the US Conference Board. This cost accounts for a companies sales force, advertising and marketing services, public relations services, online exposure, accounting and administration services and all merchandising costs.

The IBE Broker fee is considerably less at 15% to generate that same sale. IBE stimulates new and additional plus sales of your products and services. This is new business you would not have realized without being a member of the IBE Community.

**Wholesale buying power is your actual wholesale cost when using your IBE Dollars to generate new sales and utilizing these wholesale dollars when making retail purchases. If your wholesale cost is 28 cents on the dollar, then when you make a purchase using your IBE Dollars, your cost becomes 28% of the Retail cost.

Example; If you make a retail purchase of $1000.00 using your IBE Dollars, your cost is $280.00 or 28%. When you include the IBE Broker fee of 15%, your cost of that retail purchase becomes 43%. However, the IBE Broker fee also generates that new and additional plus business for you and offsets all of your existing expenses to generate that new sale.

You are actually saving 21% of the cost of a sale or purchase using your wholesale buying power through IBE.

IBE Stimulates and Generates this new business and you enjoy the savings by utilizing IBE as a sales and marketing tool to help build and grow your company.

To learn more about how your business can profit through the power of exchange
call IBE @ 941-955-6100

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Smart Business Owners Upgrade Their Business With IBE Barter

IBE is Gathering Smart Business Owners With a Common Purpose – to Upgrade Their Business!

Receive a complimentary membership and become a premier founding trading partner of the IBE Barter Exchange of Southwest Florida. Businesses in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, welcome to the IBE Barter Business Community.

Call now to redeem your Complimentary IBE Barter Membership.  941-955-6100 ext. 202

Ask for Mary Unger, Owner/Partner, Since 1991.

IBE Barter has the largest regional barter exchange on Florida’s gulf coast.  We are inviting your business to join the IBE Barter Business Community as we expand our reach into your community.

IBE Brings over 26 years of experience working with thousands of Regional, National and International Trading Business Partners. 

Feel The Results with IBE Barter, Since 1991

✓ New Customers ✓ Cash Savings ✓ No more chasing accounts receivables
✓ No more unbillable hours ✓ No more unsold goods ✓ No more unexpected expenses

Your competitors will wonder what your secret sauce is!

IBE Barter (Corporate Headquarters) 1161 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34236



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All Star Uniforms Announces a second location to open at the Saba Plaza

IBE Member All Star Scrubs, Shoes and Chef Announces its 2nd Store at Saba Plaza Opening Late December! Just across from Sarasota Memorial Hospital… Stay Tuned for Grand Opening updates.

Have you shopped at All Star Uniforms for the latest in Top Brands for Scrubs, Shoes and Chefs?  All Star Tactical, All Star Hospitality, All Star Medical, All Star Institutional. Visit their website IBE Barter Trade Payment Accepted for the full company offerings. Featuring the latest designs and fashions for everything uniform. Specializing in Scrubs, Shoes, and Chef wear.

Great Brands like Vera Bradely, Landau, Med Couture, White Swan/Jockie, Frank Ray’s for Men, Crocs, Sanita, Klogs and so much more!


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Where is the IBE Barter Building Sign?

The IBE Barter Sign at 1161 North Tamiami Trail has been an iconic landmark sign for over 20 years on US 41 in downtown Sarasota. So where did it go? Two words, Eminent Domain. 11/20/2017 starts the US 41 roundabout construction from 10th street to 14th street.
The IBE Barter sign is gone, but we are here. Road construction is going to be challenging for quite sometime. Sidewalks will be widened to 10 feet, there will be a bike lane, the medians are being raised with rest areas for crossing 41 and the speed limit will  eventually be reduced permanently to 35 mph. There will be two roundabouts to start the project, one at 10th street and another at 14th as the first phase of this project.
This project will have you going in circles, literally. More roundabouts are planned from US 41 and Gulfstream to University Parkway. Pay attention to the yield signs and pack your patience through the construction phase.  As a building owner we are excited about all  the changes coming to the entrance of Downtown Sarasota as well as the revitalization of the North Trail.
For more information here is a link;

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Barter Growth Strategies to help Fill The Gap

If you are new to the IBE Barter News site thank you for visiting. If you are a returning regular, welcome back. There is always something new and exciting going on in the IBE Barter Community so please bookmark this site as a favorite and return often to keep updated.  

Growth strategies for keeping your business moving in a forward motion can be challenging. One important goal for all business owners is to recognize the importance of keeping an open mind to new ideas on how to attract new clients and save cash.   

The equation to filling the gap is easy; take your downtime, whether you have 30 minutes a day that you are not billing out your services or several hours a day.  This is considered wasted and non-revenue generating time,  a vanishing asset you can’t recover the next day.  Fill the gap with new exchange member clients; No more empty seats in your restaurant, entertainment venues, empty hotel rooms, excess inventory or non billable hours. 

By joining an organized trade exchange you are opening your business to a whole new community of professional business people with like-minded goals, looking to fill the gap of their downtime while looking to  build new client/customer relationships.  

Fill your downtime with business people looking to use your specific services. At IBE we keep a controlled zero-based economy which means we help you establish a monthly exposure level of how much new and additional ‘plus’ business you are looking to generate to fill that downtime. You earn IBE trade dollars when you provide your services, bank the trade dollars with IBE and then we help to match your cash expenses with other liked minded businesses offering those services on trade.  

Use what you have and get what you need. It’s that easy and a smart growth strategy to fill the gap with new business.

Time to give some Thanks!  

Thank you IBE Member Sande Caplin and Associates for updating the look and feel of the IBE Barter News Site.  

 Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!  


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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Dr. Ryan Taylor

IBE Barter recommends their member, Dr. Ryan Taylor, specialist in Periodontics and implant dentistry. With a passion for clinical excellence and a vision of exceptional patient care, Dr.Taylor established his practice in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in Sarasota in 2004.  His mission is to help his patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health.

Dr. Taylor received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Bowling Green State University.  He continued his education at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry where he earned his Master in Science, Doctorate of Dental Surgery and Periodontal training.  An avid golfer, he also participated on the college golf team and received the Merit Award for Athletic Scholar.

Dr. Taylor is an active member in the American Academy of Periodontology, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the Academy of Osseointegration and the Academy of Oral Implantology. He is also a member in the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, West Coast District Dental Association and Sarasota County Dental Association.

Realizing that Implant Dentistry is the cutting edge of dental care today, Dr, Taylor focuses on restorative procedures that replace missing teeth with better teeth that feel and perform on their own,  What are Dental Implants? A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which acts as an anchor for replacement teeth. Shaped like a screw, it is surgically placed into the jawbone in order to secure a replacement tooth or bridge in place. Implants are stable and permanent and are not reliant on neighboring teeth for support. They are an ideal tooth replacement procedure because they look and feel like natural teeth.

Periodontics and Dental Implants SarasotaImplants are great for patients who are unable to wear dentures. Instead, the implant is placed directly into the jawbone to support permanently cemented bridges. Implants can be made from several different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials that are compatible with body tissue. When surgically anchored into the jawbone, the implant fuses with living bone in a process known as “osseointegration”.

There are many types of implants available, each designed for a specific function:

•    Root Form Implants – The cylindrical or screw type implant is the closest in shape and size to the root of a tooth. It is the most widely used design, and generally used when there is enough width and depth of jawbone to provide a base for replacement of one, several or a complete arch of teeth. In some cases, an implant dentist may need to perform bone grafting where the jawbone is too narrow or short for root form implants.
•    Plate Form Implants – A special narrow implant is used when the jawbone is too narrow and bone grafting is not an option. The plate form implant is flat and long so it can fit into a narrow jawbone.
•    Subperiosteal Form Implant – This custom-made implant rests on top of the bone, but under the gums. It is used for patients with advanced cases of bone loss when there is not be enough bone width or height for the root form or plate form implant. Because subperiosteal implants are custom created for each patient, there are two methods to place the implant:
1.    Dual Surgery Method – The implant dentist will surgically expose the jawbone in order to take an impression of the bone using special materials. This model is then sent to a dental laboratory where the implant is created, and the patient’s gum is surgically close. Once the custom implants are ready, the implant dentist performs a second procedure to surgically anchor the implant place.
2.    Single Surgery Method – The implant dentist will order a CAT scan of the patient’s jawbone. A model of the jawbone is constructed using the CAT scan data and computer modeling techniques. The model is then sent to a dental lab where the subperiosteal implants are custom fabricated for the patient. Once the custom implants are ready, the implant dentist will surgically anchor the implant place. The obvious advantage of the single surgery method is that surgery is only necessary one time.

How does the implant procedure work?

Implant procedures can be done in the dental office with local anesthesia. The actual implant procedure involves several steps:

  1.  The implant or implants are surgically placed into the jaw.
    2.    The jaw is allowed to heal for a period of up to six months. During this stage, the bone grows and bonds in and around the implant (this is also known as osseointegration). The dentist may create a temporary tooth replacement for the patient to wear over the implant site during the healing period.
    3.    The implant is uncovered, and a small metal post called an abutment is attached. The gum is again allowed to heal for a couple of weeks following this procedure.
    4.    The restoration or crown is fabricated and permanently attached to the abutment.

Note that there are some implant systems (one-stage) that do not require step 3 above. These systems use an implant which already has the abutment attached. The implant procedure may be a cooperative effort between a surgical dentist who does the actual implant placement and a restorative dentist who creates and inserts the final replacement teeth. Some dentists have advanced training and can perform all of these services.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

•    Preventative – dental Implants can prevent the bone loss and gum recession that often occurs with bridgework and dentures.
•    Cost effective – Since one tooth is replaced instead of the several necessary to install a bridge, dental implants can actually cost less than traditional bridgework.
•    Conservative – Unlike traditional bridges, adjacent teeth are not needed to support the implant. This means that the adjacent teeth do not have to be ground down to support crowns like they do for conventional bridges. Your own natural teeth are not compromised.
•    Comfort – Dental implants function very similar to your natural teeth and are comfortable and stable. This eliminates some of the key problems of dentures including poor fit, gum irritation and pain from nerve compression.

Dental Office SarasotaOther services that are offered by Dr. Taylor are Sedation Dentistry, Periodontic ( for Gum Disease) Dentistry, Periodontal Procedures, Laser Dentistry, Osseous Surgery, Crown Lengthening, Gingival and Pedicle Procedures, and Bone grafting, Log onto Dr,. Taylor’s website for a complete explanation of these areas of dental restoration.

Personal attention and exceptional care are the goals of Dr. Taylor and his staff.  You can call and schedule an appointment and ask any questions at 941-926-4800.  Their emergency number is 941-313-0798.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Their modern, cutting edge dental office is located at 2820 Clark Rd in Sarasota.

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services My Sterling Smile

IBE Barter Welcomes You to My Sterling Smile.  Dr Stephan Pere and his practice want you to feel welcome and make themselves available to answer your questions either by their online email form, or by phone. Throughout their website lies an abundance of information about procedures that are offered by Dr. Pere and his staff.  Dr. Pere’s father was also a dentist and he chose to school at the University of Alabama’s Dental School, which was his father’s alma mater.  He has been treating adults and children for 15 years. He is extremely happy to perform cosmetic dentistry as well as using Botox, Juvaderm and Dysport to enhance the faces of his patients.  The entire team at My Sterling Smile offer their compassionate care along with a totally modern dental office that is family-oriented.

All of the most modern of services are offered by Dr. Pere.  Bonding is offered to enhance the look of your smile and can also be used to correct cracks or gaps in teeth as a cavity has been removed, or to cover up stains or discolored teeth.  A resin is used on the affected teeth and molded and sculpted over an adhesive gel that is placed on the tooth. Bonding is especially when placed over silver fillings to improve the aesthetic look.

Dental Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are made from gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain to cover the area where a tooth is missing.  Your bridge will be created at a lab that will have your impression mold that Dr. Pere has created. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge while the lab crafts your permanent bridge.  When the permanent bridge has been created, you will return to the office for a permanent placement in your mouth, making sure the fit is comfortable and secure.  If you are missing a tooth it is important to seek dental attention, as the space could cause structural changes to your mouth or jaw.

Sterling Dental Sarasota, FloridaA very popular and attractive procedure is the manufacturing of veneers, a way to enhance and reshape your smile and your mouth.  Veneers can cover staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and many other issues.

Dental implants are also a procedure that Dr. Pere offers.  They are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth.  Implants are an even better alternative than bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered. The implant must be allowed 3-6 months for healing, while the jaw bone forms around the implant in a process called osseointegration.  Temporary crowns keep your mouth able to eat and smile normally.  Here is a testimonial from an IBE member, Sande Caplin- “Dr. Pere and his staff are the best!  They are gentle, caring and explain the complete procedure before proceeding.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pere.”

My Sterling Smile, Sarasota, FloridaDr. Pere also does the following procedures and dental corrections:  Dental Implants, dentures and partials, extractions, root canals and root lengthening. Log onto  to learn more about the practice and use the convenient email form to make an appointment or leave a message.  Call My Sterling Smile at 941-926-9888.  They are located at 2900 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota.

Practice hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am to 4 pm.  Fridays they are closed but call with an emergency at any time.  Start working on your Sterling Smile today!

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Platinum Healthcare Physical Medicine

IBE Barter is happy to recommend to you the Logan Spine & Injury Center, where results matter.  Doctors Greg and Tamara Logan are at the helm of this highly rated practice that believes in natural ways to promote optimum health.  They have cutting edge equipment and technologies to induce the best possible outcome.  Mix this with a friendly and competent staff and an upbeat atmosphere and you have the perfect prescription for complete healing.

Being the chosen method of care for many conditions, a partial list of what ailments are treated is on their website at.  To name a few, allergies, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Disc problems, Headaches, joint dysfunction, Neurological conditions, Osteoarthritis, Whiplash, and many more.

Logan Spine & Injury Center emphasizes improving your health in order to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.  They can help you recapture the healthy times of your life while restoring the use of your body and reducing pain. More and more, folks are discovering the benefits of alternatives to prescription medicines and simple treatments to restore the health you might have had in the past.

Chiropracter Sarasota Bradenton FloridaOn the Logan website you will see some conditions that can be helped by chiropractic care that you will find to be amazing.  For instance, ADHD, Asthma, Lower back pain, Neck pain, Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Pinched nerve, Plantar Fasciitis, PMS. Pregnancy, Stress. Tennis Elbow and Sciatica.

You have probably heard a number of myths concerning Chiropractic care.  Like Chiropractors are not real doctors.  The Chiropractic workload is actually more than for a medical doctor. They have more hours of classroom education than their medical counterparts. The biggest difference between chiropractors and medical doctors lies not in their level of education, but in their preferred method of treating people.

Log onto the website to actually register as a new patient and fill out the paperwork you usually have to do in the office.  Logan wants you to feel comfortable and not be burdened with anything at the time of your visit.  They remove any possible stress and let you take care of paper work right in the comfort of your home

Back Pain Sarasota Bradenton FloridaOffice hours for Logan chiropractic are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8:00 am to 11:00 a.m., closed for lunch from 12 to 2, and afternoon hours from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Tuesdays they are closed and Fridays they are open from 8:00 p.m. to Noon. Saturday visits are by appointment only. Logan Spine & Injury Center is located at 5560 Bee Ridge Rd., Suite 7, Sarasota.  Please call for an appointment or information at 941-927-1124.ctogaury

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services George Strickland, Dds

Welcome to the dental office of George Strickland DDS, a leading dental care practice in Venice, Florida. They understand the importance of good dental hygiene and oral care and are committed to providing you the best care in a soothing environment. IBE members are privileged to have such a great dentist on board!

To ease your fears about dentistry, Dynamic Dental Smiles offers these services to help you: Oral Sedation to put you at ease. Procedures that are fully explained, and music to help you relax. You will be given a personal,flat-screen TV, soft blankets and dark glasses to lessen the brightness of the lights. Dr. Strickland wants you to be at ease, knowing that your experience is important to you and just as important to him.

The very latest in dental techniques and cutting edge dentistry are available at Dr. Stricklands practice. Such examples are veneers and all-porcelain crowns. Invisalign braces, whitening and take-home whitening kits. Digital x-rays and lower radiation x-rays are offered for your continued health and after effects of radiation. He offers implant-supported dentures and crowns, comprehensive exams, and oral cancer screenings. Dr. Strickland also offers early cavity protection, flouride treatments, and gentle periodontal treatments. Need a root canal or a tooth extracted? No problem! Dr. Strickland can offer you natural looking crowns, bridges and dentures.

Log onto and you will see a very easy to read explanation for each service that is offered by Dr. Strickland. This is his way of introducing you to all of his excellent array of services with full explanations, to give you a better method of deciding what you would like to do before you have a consultation with Dr. Strickland.

Dentist Sarasota Bradenton FloridaWhen you arrive for your first visit, please be prepared to complete an information packet, which are comprised of informational forms that will allow the staff to begin your dental treatment. They will ask you to fill out several forms that will get you acquainted with their office. We have supplied a link at the bottom of this page that will allow you to download and print the the required forms; giving you the ability to complete them at your convenience in the privacy of you own home. If you are using any of our approved insurance carriers, please have a current insurance card available.

Your initial exam will last approximately one hour. Oral hygiene instructions will be provided along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth. In most cases, the staff will also clean your teeth on this visit and provide an evaluation that will outline your existing dental problems and proposed treatment.

Dental Office Sarasota Bradenton FloridaFeel Free to call their office with any questions you may have prior to your first visit. Dr. Strickland is located at 657 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice, Fl. Call them at 941-488-7230. Hours of operation are 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.

The dental treatment you receive may give you benefits you haven’t even considered. Renewed self-confidence, the love of your own smile, a new social self esteem, and a personality that is ready to apply for that new job, as that special girl on a date, or just be comfortable and proud when you look into the mirror!

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