Stamped Concrete

IBE Barter would like to introduce Stamped Concrete Sarasota, decorative and structural concrete designers. Stamped concrete plays an active role in giving your property more longevity at an excellent cost effectiveness.  Are you a person who loves the look of stone but don’t want to cover a large area with such a costly method?   Stamped concrete can achieve very similar looks to high-end materials, but that’s not its only characteristic that makes it popular. Many people prefer stamped concrete because it can make an otherwise boring gray slab of concrete more unique.

There are so many beautiful patterns and endless options for patterns and borders that you can have a custom stone look  at a much lower price and still maintain a designer look.  The climate in Florida  works well with concrete,  making year-round installations possible.  When you think of enhancing the exterior of your home or commercial space, you can’t beat decorative concrete.  Decorative concrete adds an elegance and an upscale look that is unmatched by any other element, turning sidewalks into inviting pathways.  Beautifully finished and designed, decorative concrete can transform a hum-drum entrance path that will lift your mood and attract people’s interest.  Backyard patios, pool decks and driveways can all be transformed from dull to interesting, ordinary to extraordinary, with decorative concrete refinishing techniques.

If you are a resident of Sarasota and would like to discuss making stamped concrete designs for your home or commercial building, keep this in mind.  Decorative concrete in Sarasota is growing in popularity every day.  It is durable and flexible and comes in patterns that look like stone, tile, and other materials.  Stamped concrete is leaving favorable impressions on commercial and residential buildings and is a wise and beautiful investment.

Concrete Driveway Sarasota Bradenton FloridaOne of the most popular patterns is Ashlar stone, a design that complements most styles and is widely used.  Stamped patterns in Sarasota range from ultra-modern textured patterns to stone-looking patterns that complement some of the most upscale homes in the area.  If you log onto their website, you will see some of the choices you can make to enhance your living or working space.  Or call them at 941-302-3325 or 941-925-9707 for more information or consultation.

A very popular trend in the decorative concrete world is the use of acid stain. An acid stain can dramatically change the look of an ordinary slab of concrete. It stains concrete through a chemical reaction that actually changes the color of the concrete rather than coat it. This stain effect occurs when a solution of water, acid, and inorganic salts is mixed with the minerals already present in the concrete. The outcome of acid concrete stain is an impressive, dramatic and natural look that you might find on stone or rock. Acid Stain gives concrete a variegated, marble-like look.

Swimming Pool Concrete DecksAn experienced concrete installer will have an eye for the creative side of things as well as the knowledge of techniques needed to pour quality concrete.  Stamped Concrete of Sarasota has some of the best installers in the area who have used their skills to enhance expansive hotels and buildings, as well as in homes from modest to elaborate.  Stamped Concrete has beautiful photos on their website of many different types of concrete design in and outside of the home or office.  There are also informative videos that demonstrate the benefits and beauty of decorative concrete.

Call Chris today, at Suncoast Decking Stamped Concrete and let him tell you how he can  create a fresh, clean look for your pool and deck, with a myriad of colors and textures that will be a beautiful enhancement to your home.  This type of decking is also a slip-proof surface and makes the pool area so much safer.