Srq Productions

Leslie Hinsz Marron is one of IBE Barter’s newest members. I don’t know how to explain her other than to say she is a type A personality, always thinking, formulating, and then demanding perfection of herself as she creates your project.  She is, to me, a wizard in the  Facebook, Videography, and creativity in the world of social media.  I can’t forget her partner in life, and husband, Paul Maron.  You’ll often see them together, “casing the joint” and getting their individual spin on things before combining forces and infusing each other’s ideas in the finished product.

If there’s an event out there, any time of the day or night, and even more so on weekends, Leslie and Paul are there.  Three events in one day?  Oh, that’s just getting warmed up for Leslie.  Take a visit to her website: and you’ll see she does videos of all kinds……  like local band performances, open mike nights, band videos and still pictures.  But there’s more.

Graphics in today’s competitive world are important.  They can sell your product or service big time, or they can be a real yawn.  You won’t be yawning when you see what Leslie can cook up for you!  Beautiful colorful posters to announce your event or just to remember it.  Flyers for your business and quarterly reports.  Need a new business card that will have genuine impact  on your prospective clients?  Every company needs an eye-catching logo and Leslie has a great eye for appropriate designs to fuel your business.  Announcements and Facebook postings…if you’re tired of doing Facebook and keeping your page up and eye-catching, Leslie will accomplish that for you.  And a great way to announce your new address, your business move, or your new baby is to have Leslie work with you to use your ideas and create your masterpiece.

Also being a food critique for the, Leslie can create an eye-catching menu that will play up all your important ingredients, from menus, to a personal bio of the owners Leslie and Paul Marronand staff, and pictures of your epicurean offerings that will just POP off the page.

On Leslie’s website you’ll see the many different types of videos she can put together for you, but let me say this:  Leslie also does memorial videos.  She takes memories and pictures and music that will forever keep a tender spot in your heart as you get to see your beloved family member on video.  Every special holiday, every business, and many service companies have had extreme success after having Leslie put her soul into their projects, because her whole joy in life is to make people happy with her craft.

Please do yourself a favor and go onto her website for a breath-taking view of the many ways Leslie takes her talents and adapts them to the client’s needs.  A wonderful advantage that Leslie has is that she was born and raised in Sarasota, understands the Sarasota culture, and knows her way down every street and alley where there’s active commerce,  and knows those little jewels of restaurants who, with her abilities and creativity, can become great big diamonds, bringing in new business and and growing to full potential.  Call Leslie at: 941-748-4252 and discuss your project. Her quality ideas never stop coming, and I know there’s one with your business name on it.