Solar Direct

IBE Barter introduces Solar Direct.  If you want to learn about solar energy and how it can help you go green and manufacture your own power, Solar Direct is the go-to place. Discover valuable understanding behind the science and functions of today’s renewable energy technologies. Learn why each process has unique benefits, where it operates at optimum, and when it makes sense to utilize that solution.

Solar Direct has been designing, installing, and servicing solar products throughout the state of Florida since 1986, and now provides these services nationwide. They understand the challenges of installing and servicing solar equipment and the challenges that can represent for securing your investment against possible hurricane strength winds, warm humid summers, snow and freezing, earthquakes and in many cases, corrosive conditions near our many beaches. The bottom line is we have the experience to help you tap into the power of the sun – no matter where you live.

Bringing Renewal Technology Down To EarthSolar Direct is certified and licensed with over 26 years experience. They can handle all aspects of your installation including Plumbing, Electrical and Engineering. Relax and let their team of qualified professionals handle all your installation and service needs. We make it easy for you to GO GREEN!  Solar Direct offers professional installation, sales and service for Solar and Renewable products including: • Solar Hot Water Thermal) • Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) • Solar Pool Heating• Solar Space Heating & Cooling • Wind Power and • Energy Efficient Products.

System Engineering, or generating real world engineering solutions for renewable energy projects requires years of real world experience, with hands-on knowledge of several engineering disciplines, all paramount in the design of high functioning systems. Solar Direct’s engineering philosophy focuses on the methods needed to solve complex challenges utilizing superior design performance, not simply finding the easiest way out of a client’s problem.

The Time To Go Solar Is NowProject Management means successfully executing a residential customer’s complex “dream project” or massive government installations requires not only meeting the overall goals and commitment to each client, but being able to consistently adapt to rapidly changing situations. Even highly accurate one-time planning will never be able to anticipate all of the unforeseen problem-solving needed for smooth installations. Solar Direct has years of experience over a wide scope of applications, coupled with a lean, agile mind-set that can quickly and safely adjust to each problematic challenge encountered which ensures optimum performing projects.

To schedule an appointment for consultation that will outline your energy needs in your residential or commercial space, call Solar Direct at 941-359-8228, or log onto their website at  You can visit their showroom , which is located at 6935 15th St. East, #120, Sarasota,Fl.  Their hours of operation are: Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.