Sea Sucker Products

IBE Barter would like you to meet Sea Sucker Products, a very useful member with many unusual solutions to your “sticky” problems.  Let’s just take their line of products and introduce you to them slowly, so you’ll see they have an answer to all your many quandaries.  Firstly, we all have problems with cup holders, whether it be in our cars, on our boats or even on your bike or cycle.  Sea Sucker carries vertical mount, horizontal mount, 2 cup, 4 cup, party barge size, angle mount and cup holder adapters for the many occasions you need something you can’t just go to the big discount stores and find the exact one you’re looking for.

You will find the same hard-to-find and best quality bike racks, from side loader wheel, thru-axle fork mount, cable anchor trunk mount, cable anchor window mount and any adapters necessary to make the right connection.  Velcro straps are also available.  Need surfboard or kayak rack?  No problem.  Looking for rod holders, i Pad and tablet mounts, or closeout bargains for a variety of needs?  Sea Sucker can supply all your contact needs.

 rod holders, i Pad and tablet mountsThis is a Florida-based designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of kick-ass marine accessories, (in their own words!)   bike racks and board racks for cars, and small electronics mounts for holding i Pads, i Phones and similar gadgets.
Sea Sucker got their start in 2005 after putting together a vacuum-mounted chair for use on the deck of a boat. Even though they never actually sold the chair as one of their products, the idea to mount accessories to a boat with vacuum technology turned out to be a winner, and Sea Sucker started making rod holders, dive racks, cup holders and other aftermarket marine accessories.

In 2009, it occurred to the owners that their vacuum cups could be the basis for an awesome bike rack, so they began designing the racks that are sell today all over the world. They began attaching bike racks to cars (and racing them around the track at 140 m.p.h.), it  evolved into making surfboard, paddle board and kayak racks.

vacuum technologySea Sucker  jumped on the i Pad bandwagon in 2011 when they released their Naked Flex Mount. After a couple of months on their website, it became their number one selling product of all time. Sea Sucker followed that up with the release of  their Mini Naked Flex Mount, sized for i Phones and smaller devices, and the rest is history!

The success of their products has reached numerous magazines and television shows, and they expect to keep coming up with new ideas that make people say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Give yourself a treat and and log onto their website:, and feast your eyes on the creative answers to mounting everything from a bicycle to an i Pad, cups and fishing rods.  What a unique business!  They hope you visit their website and come to their store and finally find a answer to your “sticky” needs!

They are located at 1700 14th Ave East, Unit 101 Palmetto, FL 34221.  Feel free to call them at 941-586-2664.