Parkway Animal Hospital

IBE Barter is proud to have Parkway Animal Hospital as a member.  Their helpful, upbeat staff will greet you with a smile and are available to answer your questions. They love each pet and accommodate their schedule to include emergencies and very sick pets.  Parkway Animal Hospital offers the finest veterinary care available in a state-of-the-art facility, and are committed to doing their best in all phases of your pet’s care while you are at the Hospital.

Veteranarian Sarasota Florida

Their facility was established with the latest technology to provide individualized, compassionate, and thorough care for your pet. Parkway Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest technology to offer your pet:  Laser CO2, Equipment for in-house chemistry analysis of blood, a complete ultrasonic Dental Unit, X-Ray equipment featuring fast, automatic processing and complete surgical and anesthesia facilities. They can also provide you with complete on-premises pharmacy, kennel, grooming and baths.

Parkway Animal Hospital has a mission, and that is to be committed to give your pet the finest and most complete care available.  Their highly trained doctors are dedicated to excellence in providing healthcare and using their love of animals to form that important bond.

The treatment area is the hub of the hospital.  Examination of their hospital patients takes place here, as does their medical procedures.  Cutting edge lighting overhead reveals the finest of micro-particals, lesions, ulcers, ingrown hairs and any condition your pet might have becomes plainly seen.

IBE Barter MemberThey also perform dental procedures in this room, administer anesthesia, clean teeth, perform surgeries and minor oral procedures before moving into the actual surgery room for sterile procedures.  They utilize a portable dental machine, and their ultrasonic scaler removes the hard areas of tartar from your pet’s teeth, and the fine particles of tartar from below the gum line.  The veterinarian will examine the teeth and extract dead teeth.

Being as nutrition is key to your pets’ health and well-being, Parkway Animal Hospital offers food that provides optimum health according to your pet’s age.  Different stages of a pet’s life demand specific types of nutrition, and Parkway has the best food for your pet, and information about how to avoid serious health problems.
The kennels at the back of the treatment room are in full vision of the laboratory, surgical suite and doctor’s office so that patients in these kennels are under constant supervision. This is where the sick patients and pets are housed while recovering from surgery. Dehydrated and very sick patients require intravenous fluids. The amount of fluid we deliver to a patient can be precisely controlled by using an intravenous fluid pump.

The Radiology room enables the technicians and doctors to assess a pet’s health.  X-rays provide and inside view of bones, organs and objects that your pet might have swallowed.  The –ray rooms are licensed and inspected by the government for accuracy and safety.  When taking X-rays our technician and animal attendants must wear protective lead gowns, thyroid collars and gloves to protect them from receiving too much radiation. They must also wear a dosimeter badge to measure and keep a record of any radiation they have been exposed

Any tests your pet needs go to the laboratory, which is equipped with a microscope, centrifuge, urine refractometer, QBC vet auto reader and a Vet test analyzer.  On occasion there are tests that we cannot perform in our laboratory. Those samples are sent to an accredited outside laboratory, often we will receive the results in less than 24 hours.

Pet Vaccines Sarasota FloridaThe Parkway Animal Hospital is located at 2847 University Parkway in Sarasota.  Call today for an appointment for your pet: 941-351-8888. You can also log onto their website at: for more information.  Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.  All after-hours emergencies should call 941-355-2884, the Animal ER of Sarasota, which is located at: 8237 Cooper Creed Blvd in Sarasota. The ER’s regular hours are Monday – Friday 6 pm – 7 am.  Weekends and holidays, the ER is open 24 hours a day.

Gilberto Corona D.V.M. is the head veterinarian and owner of Parkway Animal Hospital.  Dr. Sarema von deer Hyde D.V.M. is also a veterinarian at Parkway Animal Hospital.  On the Parkway website you can read about the qualifying credentials these highly-trained doctors have, and their wonderful techs, office manager, and receptionist.  They are ready to serve your pet’s needs.

Isn’t it great to know you can get the best possible care for your pet at Parkway Animal Hospital?  And this includes emergency visits, which pet owners experience now and then.  Call soon for an appointment!