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My name is Ronald Unger, I am a Co-Founder and one of the Directors of the IBE Barter Exchange where members enjoy trading their way to success.

With state of the art technology IBE Leads the way in local barter and offers the latest barter software technology to ensure trade building opportunities. My position enables me to establish successful goals in driving our barter members revenue streams and enabling them to offset cash expenses.

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unnamedHello, My Name is Mary Unger, I am a Co-founder of the International Barter Exchange.  My position as an IBE Director continues to be a rewarding experience. For 23 years IBE has helped to increase the bottom line revenue for thousands of companies thru their association with the IBE Business Community.

IBE Currency has been the catalyst that drives and stimulates new sales while saving on cash expenses. I am also a Mother of 4 grown children and a Nani to 9 Grandchildren. I do what I love and I love what I do. I am  extremely passionate about IBE, as it is my 5th child.

Happy Trading! Mary Unger

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10171772_10204220019433275_89181773428521600_nHello, My name is April Bass, I am the IBE Office Administrator. I am also a Trade Broker in training to receive my Registered Trade Broker Designation. Earning this designation will recognize that I have a beginning knowledge background in accounting, trade dollar economics, ethics, trading, and barter marketing techniques.

As a Texas native my warm hospitality shines thru as I love meeting new people and learning about different businesses. At IBE we cater to such a variety of clientele, you really end up knowing a lot about everything. You become an expert in many fields. I’ve always loved learning – about anything and everything

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RTB, IBE Registered Trade Broker

RTB, IBE Registered Trade Broker

My name is Janette Perry, I am a Registered IBE Trade Broker, being recognized as having a beginning knowledge background in accounting, trade dollar economics, ethics, trading, and barter marketing techniques. I will attain my certification or CTB designation at the next NATE Convention. (National Association of Trade Exchanges). I am building relationships and helping our community of members to recognize the value in earning and spending their IBE Currency effectively.

I am originally from New York, but a 21 year resident of Sarasota. I  have been providing exceptional  customer service in retail since the age of 19, working for stores such as Saks as a sales associate, Express Store Manager, Victoria’s Secret Brand Manager and Bealls as Merchandising Manager.  I have a degree in Theatre and attended International Academy of Design and Technology for Fashion Design. I am looking forward to meeting all of our members of the barter community, building relationships and helping in any way I can to exceed your expectations.

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10153697_10204340768392932_5425773953176561707_nHello, My name is Anne Weiser, I am the IBE Director of New Business Development. I am also a Certified IBE Trade Broker. The CTB designation is recognized as having a solid background in accounting, trade dollar economics, ethics, trading, and barter marketing techniques.

I started helping my family in the office the day our doors opened. I was born in La Salle/Peru Illinois. Sarasota is my home. I graduated with my AA, in 2003. Then I went to work for LexJet from 2004-2009 doing inside sales. I have since applied my sales training to helping expand IBE’s Business Community. I strive to educate business owners on how accepting IBE Currency as a ‘form of payment’ can help ones company gain access new business.

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