Melon And Her Many Medals

I am so honored and proud to have my picture taken with Melon Dash. Melon is a world re-noun Master Swimming Instructor. Melon stopped by my office today to share with me her recent success at the 2013 Pan-American Masters Championship Swimming Competition held here in Sunny Sarasota. Melon received over 10 Medals in the Pan-AM competition as she competed with swimmers from around the world.  Melon IS Sarasota’s own ‘Swimming Sensation’, not only for placing so well in this event, but as many of you know Melon is a World Class Master Swimming Instructor & Author of ‘Conquering Fear’. Melon brings students from around the world to participate in her Adult Swimming Workshops held in Sarasota.

I am a past student of Melon’s and I can certainly attest to the miracle that happened in my life after attending her ‘Miracle Swimming Class’ last July. My swim mates came from all over, Canada, Colorado, North Carolina & Sarasota. If I’m being honest, I was a bit shy about attending this class, but after meeting other adult professionals who shared some of my aqua fears, I quickly came to realize the only thing I really had to fear, was the word ‘fear’ and that we were all there for our own very personal reasons. My swim mates were peers of mine & among the top in their fields as Professors, Retired Police Officers, Retired NAVY Veterans, School Teachers, International Marketing Guru’s, the list goes on.  After our first intro session I was completely comfortable and it was as though I had known these fine folks for a lifetime. We all had a common goal in mind, to Conquer our Fear of deep and shallow water and become the best Swimmer’s that we were meant to be. Melon Dash brings so much knowledge to the Gulf Coast Community. Please visit her website @  and more importantly if you would like to learn how to swim or conquer your fear of water, schedule yourself to attend her next beginner’s workshop. Melon Dash is also an IBE Barter Member and accepts the IBE Currency as payment to attend her workshops. Congratulations Melon on your recent victory you look beautiful all adorned in your medals. When you receive an email from Melon she uses the salutation Swimcerely, so… in Melon’s words.
Mary J. Unger
IBE Director
Swimming Lessons Sarasota, FloridaThis picture is me…and some of my mates opening our eyes under water. no more cemented eyes shut and grimacing faces I now where goggles and like to see where I’m going.