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Lakewood Ranch Dental Would Love to Put a New Smile on Your Face!  They are a long time member of IBE Barter Exchange. They are located at 6270 Lake Osprey Drive in Lakewood Ranch.  You can call them for an appointment at 941-907-8300 and log onto their website: for a deeper explanation of their services, and the Dentists who provide dental care.  Lakewood Ranch Dental has office hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lakewood Ranch Dental offers the latest in Cosmetic Dentistry along with all the General Dentistry Services you might need.  To name just a few services that are offered:  Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Emergency Appointments, Implants, Dentures and partials, Extractions, Invisalign, Kids Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Restorative Dentistry, Tooth Whitening and Root Canals.  You can get all of your dental work, including preventative work, done right in their office.  No need to go to specialists.  6270 Lake Osprey Drive in Lakewood Ranch

There are 4 Board Certified Dentists at Lakewood Ranch Dental.  Dr. Michael S. Kanter has extensive experience in bone grafting, dental implants and cosmetic restoration.  He has diplomat status with the International Congress of Implantologists, and is an ADA member.  Dr. Peter N. Masterson has received many awards in his Dental Career and completed the Misch International Implant Institute’s Prosthetic Continuum and is an adjunct faculty member of the LECOM School of Dental Medicine.  Dr. Michael J. O’Neil attended the NYU College of Dentistry in 2007, and wanted to return to his hometown of Bradenton to practice Dentistry.  Dr. Mary J. Egen is the newest addition to the staff and is the group’s Pediatric Dentist.  She received her Dr. of Dental Science Degree at the University of Iowa, and later completed a mini-residency program at the University of Florida.

Dentist Sarasota Bradenton FloridaThere’s a large “team” of professionals at Lakewood Ranch Dental, including 3 Patient Service Coordinators, 3 Hygienists, and 6 Dental Assistants.  They all add up to a very dedicated staff that will give you payment options to make dental work affordable, utilizing the latest techniques in Dentistry. They will offer you digital radiography, which is far less dangerous than regular x-rays.  The staff is highly trained in all aspects of the business, as well as being caring and dedicated team members who will patiently answer all of your questions.  Pain Management Options are also offered to provide you with the comfort level you need.

One of the main objectives of Lakewood Ranch Dental is to give you a smile you can be proud of!  On their website you can click on a tab called “Smile Makeovers” to encourage you that no matter what your unique problem is, Lakewood Ranch Dental can transform you into having the confidence and ease that only a beautiful smile can give you.  It will make all the difference in the world to be proud and happy with the way you look.  Call for an appointment today and get started on a new experience in Dentistry as a patient of Lakewood Ranch Dental!  They welcome IBE members!

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