Medical – Barter Exchange Services Introducing Dr. Jack Jawitz

Dr. Jack Jawitz is a  certified Internist and Dermatologist, as well as owner of the Bradenton Dermatology and Laser Center.  Dr. Jawitz is an IBE Barter member and is a health practitioner.  Having had personal appointment with Dr. Jawitz, who gave me a cancer screening last year, I can speak from experience when I say he is thorough and enjoys educating his patients about crucial skin issues.  Take the sun, for example.  Dr. Jawitz will tell you just stay away from it.  If you have to be out in the sun, wear a sunscreen of at least 30spf, and re-apply every two hours.

Dr. Jawitz is a board certified Dermatologist as well as Internist but dedicates his endeavors to the practice of dermatology.  He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders.  He also studies the structure and functions of the skin and the relationship between skin pathologies and malfunction of the organs of the body.  Dr. Jawitz also performs the latest cosmetic services, and MOHS surgery.

Being able to use your IBE dollars for important health issues is a bonus.  As the ozone continues to thin out and the sun’s rays become more damaging, dermatologists have noticed an increase in sun-related anomalies in their patient population that directly correlate with sun exposure. Dr. Jawitz will provide you with a full body check for suspicious lesions and tumors.  After sending those to a pathology lab he will report the results to you and suggest further treatment.  Bradenton Dermatolgy

Your dermatologist should have knowledge of basic sciences including microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, physics and physiology.  They must also have a working knowledge of basic surgery, neurology, and endocrinology.  They must be familiar with all the other medical specialties because skin diseases are often associated with internal conditions.

Dr. Jawitz begins your first visit by taking your medical history.  This should the first step of any contact with a doctor or health practitioner.  In order to classify a skin condition, a dermatologist will ask detailed questions on the duration and temporal pattern of skin problems, itching or pain, relations to food intake, sunlight, over-the-counter creams and clothing. When an underlying disease is suspected, a more detailed history of related symptoms might be elicited.

You will be examined under a bright light to review any lesions that might be troublesome.  He will then take a sample for analysis.  A culture or Gram staining of suspected infectious lesions may identify a pathogen and help direct therapy. If the diagnosis is uncertain, or cutaneous malignancy is suspected, a small punch-hole biopsy can be taken under local anesthetic, to be examined by a specialist of histopathology.

Dr. Jawitz is fully certified to perform the above services and give you the knowledge of exactly what condition you have.  This information, when tests come back negative, is a reason to be extremely happy.  I encourage you to visit Dr. Jawitz very soon and put your own mind at rest.   Dr. Jawitz’ Dermatology practice is located at 2919 26th Ave. West, Bradenton, Fl. Call for your appointment today: 914-755-2255.