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Healing Arts is not your common Massage and Wellness center.   A member of IBE,  Serving Sarasota and the surrounding areas, they consider that their mission is to rid you of all your pain, while providing you with a unique massage and wellness experience.  Log onto their website at, and discover the myriad of ways they can assist you in the art of relaxation and healing.

Conveniently located at 2010 Pine Terrace, in Yoga from the Heart, suite B, Sarasota, Fl.  Call or text Traci for an appointment, and more information at 941-363-1035.  Are you tense and are your muscles tight and knotted in your neck and back?  Can’t get comfortable and get to sleep at night?  Healing Arts & Wellness wants to exceed your expectations by giving you a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs, schedule and budget.

Massage Therapist, Sarasota FloridaTraci Carroll, L.M.T., I.M.T.C., is a licensed Massage Therapist, license number MA56219, and is Integrative Manual Therapy Certified.  Since 2001, Traci has provided healing services and bodywork in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Clinics, Medical Offices, Integrative Manual Therapy Centers, Yoga Studios and Resorts/Spas.  Being a great listener is part of her magic; Traci also has gifted intuition and a specific program and techniques to maximize healing at each session.  Traci prides herself in bringing her unique holistic perspective, plus her heightened perception, to the table, and these two characteristics gets her to the root of your problem with accuracy.  Her goal is to completely get you pain-free.

Traci is genuinely committed to assisting her clients reach their therapeutic goals and may suggest specific posture awareness, lifestyle changes, stretches and exercises when deemed helpful.  She’s been called a “Body Whisperer” and “an answer to prayer.”  She truly has healing hands as she’s successfully helped countless people to improve their flexibility, decrease and eliminate pain and tension, eliminate chronic and acute headaches, eliminate sciatica, reduce symptoms of neuropathy, improve athletic performance and recovery, improve posture, alleviate depression, maintain a pain & stress free lifestyle and much, much more!

Styles of treatment and methodologies she uses are as follows:  Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage, sports massage, stretching, neuro-muscular, medical massage, integrative manual therapy, reflexology, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, body scrubs, aromatherapy, chair and mobile massage.  Traci has massage packages for ultimate value, and gift certificates for every budget.

Massage Therapist, Sarasota FloridaThe Ultimate Rejuvenation Package is a favorite of many.  Traci starts you with an invigorating and cleansing body scrub treatment that will leave your skin feeling smooth and like satin. Your mind and spirit will feel clear and uplifted; your tensions melt away with the lovely penetrating warmth of hot stones as you enjoy a customized massage.  The aromas she presents to you are therapeutic as you inhale them.  This is a 2 hr and 15 minute package, guaranteed to make you feel a new level of wellbeing and mind, body and soul rejuvenation.  You will see prices for all service on her website, and descriptions of the many types of massage for your information.  IBE Barter is glad to have Traci as a member, and highly recommends her talents to all!