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Beneva Dental is another quality IBE Barter Member who enjoys a spotless reputation from cutting edge dentistry without worry about how you’re going to pay.  I called the office and did not reveal that I was writing an article on the practice of this IBE Barter Member.  I asked questions of the staff member and enjoyed, with surprise, the generosity of time she gave me as well as her answers.

She told me that Dr. Jimenez was gentle and that he fully explained everything and every procedure before he began working on a patient.  Payment plans are available to those who can’t pay out of pocket on their first visit.  Emergency cases are handled immediately, and Dr. Jimenez does  excellent Cosmetic, Restorative, and General Dentistry.  Then I opened up to her and said I was writing an article for the IBE Barter Newsletter.  Before I had a chance to say anything, she told me that there are many IBE Barter members utilizing Dr. Jimenez’s services, and that is always good news!  The convenience and the products and services offered has Dr. Jimenez and his family taking advantage of IBE Barter, as well.  On Dr. Jimenez’ website, you will see this statement: Care Credit offers Special Financing and low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and no prepayment penalties so you can show off your beautiful new smile as soon as you are ready!

Dentist, Sarasota FloridaThis quote will illustrate to you how deeply Dr. Jimenez cares about the condition of his patient’s mouths and their self-esteem: “We treat many cases of reconstructive cosmetic dentistry in my practice.  These days people want to look their best.  The most rewarding this is when someone comes in with a really distressed smile and gets a full makeover.  That’s life-changing for many people.”  This quote from Dr. Jimenez shows how deeply he cares about his patients being proud to show their smiles and be comfortable about their mouths.

For more than 24 years as a Dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Jimenez of Beneva Dental Care has held an unwavering commitment to providing his patients with the utmost in advanced dental techniques and personalized service.  Patients are warmly welcomed into offices that reflect a warm, relaxing and serene atmosphere.  In an effort to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of comprehensive and preventative care, Dr. Jimenez utilizes state of the art technologies such as digital radiography, smile enhancement software, nitrous oxide sedation, monitored sterilization and laser gum therapy.  From a complete smile makeover to reconstructive implant restoration, patients continue to be thoroughly impressed with their dental experience.

Dr. Jiminez, Dentist Sarasota FloridaAs a well-respected Dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Jimenez can transform your discolored, chipped, or unevenly spaced teeth in as few as two visits. Log onto their website at:    You will notice that the services that are available are the latest and the finest available, such as porcelain veneer, bonding/white fillings, crowns, inlays, extractions, root canals, dentures and teeth whitening.  Beneva Dental is located at 5917 Beneva Blvd in Sarasota.  Please call for an appointment at 941-942-2026.