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I was thinking, as I was writing about IBE Barter Member McKeithen Growers, just how many species of native trees there are, and I realized I don’t know a thing about the subject but as I read about the various choices and expert evaluation by Eddie McKeithen, I became fascinated.  McKeithen Growers is a family business that has been thriving since 1995. They do a bit of mail order business as well, and are hands-on when it comes to caring for their customers and answering all your questions. They will give you all the necessary information about how to treat your purchase so it will outlive you!

McKeithen’s supplies Native trees but will also introduce you to a few species that are not typical to Florida, but have done quite well.  Eddie McKeithen is the owner, and is a graduate of the University of the South, Sewanee, TN, with a BS degree in Forestry and Natural Resources. Eddie is a native Floridian and has been involved in the landscape and horticulture industry in Florida since 1984.McKeithen Growers is located in East Manatee County, approx. 10 miles east of I-75 just off of State Road 70, and are members of FANN and FNGLA agencies, two Florida horticultural Associations.

Trees and Flowers Sarasota Bradenton FloridaMcKeithen Grower’s, Inc. is a premier supplier of native trees indigenous to Florida, the Eastern US Seaboard north to Maryland, and the Gulf Coast States west to Texas. They offer 40 plus varieties of landscape quality native trees in containers including 3, 15, 30, 45, 100 & 200 gal. sizes.  Every year McKeithen’s offers more varieties of natives to choose from. But they don’t just grow native trees.  Take a look around and see trees that you don’t everyday!

The McKeithen Growers website is a place to go for information and suggestions on where trees will do the best and be robust.  There’s a beautiful array of photos that capture the true beauty of some of these varieties, and if you click on each picture you will get a complete list of information with pictures, describing that particular tree, how much sunlight it needs, what height and spread it will grow to, colors to expect upon bloom, and the attributes and features. Not only can you access the website for information, but if you call the nursery, an employee or family member will be happy to give you the complete story on your tree.

Eddie McKeithenOn the McKeithen Growers website you will see some native trees that are strongly suggested by Eddie because of their ability to adapt to the Florida weather. The Standard S. Red Cedar is perfect for everyday landscapes as is the American Elm. These have been sheared for maximum fullness, so as they grow into a larger tree they will have a much wider canopy.

Landscaping Sarasota Bradenton FloridaThe following trees are also currently available in 100 gal. containers at McKeithen Growers:  Red Maple, Southern Red Cedar (full to the base), Native Southern Magnolia, Live Oak and Bald Cypress.  They also carry Sweetbay Magnolias, Slash Pine, Pond Cypress, Winged Elm, Dahoon Holly, and Sweetgum.  Available in 30 gallon sizes are water oaks, popash, and pignut hickory.

During their season, the following trees will be ready in various sizes:  Chickasaw Plum, Redbud, Loblolly Bay, Blackgum (Swamp Tupelo), Cherry Laurel and Needle Palm.

Log onto: for a wonderful idea of what you can plant on your own property, how much sunlight you need, specifications about soil, and many beautiful pictures about Florida native trees.  Eddie McKeithen is the owner, and the Growers are located at 24005 71st Ave. East, in Myakka City, Fl.  34251. To send Eddie an email, and call him at 941-232-9377 on his cell phone.