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Say No to Bare Walls with IBE Member, Canvas by Demand!

Canvas By Demand is part of Integrated Art Services, and I got a chance to talk to the owner, Chris Cinelli, who is excited, pumped up and enthusiastic about his product. You know that favorite photo you took on your Caribbean vacation that’s just sitting on your phone or in the pictures folder of your computer? Or the picture of that special moment when your favorite girl had that magical look on her face, and you want to savor that visual forever? Well basically, what Chris told me was, if you can dream it, he can make it happen for you. Those empty walls in your home that are just begging to be filled with color, emotion and light? It’s such an easy process from start to finish and the end result is pure happiness. Memories, wonders and special effects can be yours in a matter of days, and I’m talking from digital photo to framed, matted wall décor or any configuration you desire. People will say, “where in the world did you get that beautiful art?” Because the result is astounding. Log onto and feast your eyes.

The thing is, you can go anywhere and buy a cheap substitute, but Chris Cinelli says that quality is his mantra, so you will not see the level of service, the superior quality of the products used, and the truly excellent coupon values on his website, anywhere else. That’s why Canvas by Demand can guarantee their works of art, giving you a no-risk investment in making your home a more distinctive living space where your walls make a personal statement.

I personally know the importance of excellent customer service. Canvas by Demand’s CSR’s are there to assist you, take your orders and give you the finished product within 3 days. You can email the company and expect an answer in 24 hours. They want you to get exactly what you ordered, and receive more than you expected. The staff will guide you through every step, answering questions, emails and making suggestions. You are never alone in the process.

The history of Canvas by Demand is over 10 years of printing and shipping thousands of customer canvases and enjoying positive feedback on their top-notch customer service and quality workmanship. Since 2004, they’ve been operating in the Sarasota, Florida area. Feel free to make an appointment to stop in and check out their showroom at 4908 Lena Rd, Suite 106, Lakewood Ranch. You will see beauty and possibility that will give you ideas for your own space.

The process is easy. They upload your image, analyze the quality of your photo and make sure the size you’ve ordered will print to the size you’ve requested. They don’t make a move unless they’re sure the finished product will be perfect. Once those details are nailed down, your photograph is printed, the canvas is stretched and is packed and shipped to you within 48 hours.

If you have empty wall space and are unsure how to fill it, use the world as your canvas. Remember, if you can dream it, Chris can pretty well make it happen for you. This is an opportunity for you to finish off a space in your home where the walls are begging for shape, color and content. The sky’s the limit! Doesn’t that sound like the kind of project you can do without limitations? Sounds great, right? So don’t stop at wall canvases.

Canvas by Demand can deliver large format canvas wraps, original commission work, wall murals, digital silk prints, and many more configured art forms. The professional assistance you receive from their fine staff will help you add balance and a comfortable fit for your canvases in the room of your choice, because art needs balance. A room needs to be able to accommodate the size and fit of your artwork. In order to showcase your new art the staff can assist you in making sure the size of your canvas fits in with the size of your furnishings and the style of your décor. Visit for valuable tips along the lines of fitting art into your home appropriately, and tips on how to take pictures with your phone that will reproduce into beautiful canvas art. These tips are truly valuable because they optimize the features of your phone to produce an end result that is digitally workable into amazing canvas pictures.

Chris Cinelli was introduced to IBE Barter through Art Conforte, a long-time IBE member and a success story in his own right. I asked Chris how he is enjoying the benefits of being a member of IBE, and he was quite impressed with the process and the amazing ways IBE has helped Art Conforte. Chris has a background in the Art Gallery realm, in Annapolis, Md and a history in estate art. His excitement about his business, Integrated Art Services, gave birth to Canvas by Demand. IBE gives him an opportunity to reach out to a whole new audience and bring in more word-of-mouth customers. He appreciates Ron and Mary Unger referring prospective customers and dropping his name in all the right places.

Chris Cinelli is community- minded and seeks ways to give back to community organizations by donating funds to local charities. If you want to visit Canvas by Demand, please schedule and appointment by calling 941.758.5300. Canvas by Demand is at 4908 Lena Road in Lakewood Ranch, and is conveniently located. Log onto for a more in-depth look at what he and his staff can do for you to assist you in bringing beauty and originality into your home and onto your walls.