IBE Barter Features Miracle Swimming

The system is not about swimming; it is about learning. It is a new paradigm of how learning works. It was  discovered in 1983 and released it in DVD form in 2000 and in  book form in 2006. It is  hoped that every single swim instructor in the world will learn it and use it. To date, 50 instructors have been trained worldwide.

The system’s implications may seem too good to be true, but you’ll find it’s been tried and tested among thousands of fearful people who wouldn’t or couldn’t bring themselves to delve into the water and have a great time. It’s all about teaching and learning. This information and the teaching is so very important that the instructors can’t figure out why it isn’t used all over the world.  Only teachers who are patient and aware of their student’s limitations would never try and push anyone past their level of comfort.

Miracle Swimming Institute discovered The 5 Circles Teaching System (Miracle Swimming) in 1983, Berkeley, California. The Miracle Swimming Institute became a non-profit (501c3) organization, 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in 2010 in Sarasota, Florida. Today, 21st Century Swimming Lessons delivers Miracle Swimming— true 21st century swimming lessons— in Sarasota, San Francisco, and Palm Springs, California. Its satellite schools offer them in over a dozen US cities, England, and the Philippines.

Why do people believe that learning strokes equals learning to swim? Because it works that way for kids, as long as the kids are not afraid. Learning strokes does not equal learning to swim: but as kids learn strokes, they intuitively pick up the basic skills of swimming on their own—knowing the water, comfort, and control. This works fine for kids who are not afraid. It does not work for adults or for kids who are afraid.

However confident or afraid, students are taught Panic Prevention. Panic Prevention is the skill that provides the opportunity to learn if one is afraid; it provides optimal safety and the best chance of a positive outcome if a good swimmer is in a frightening situation.

Fear of WaterMany adults have accumulated a degree of fear from an experience, memory, or a teaching. Adults learn differently than kids and must be taught differently.
Miracle Swimming is fun. It is designed for adults who are fearful in deep water. Everyone should know how to swim.  Forty-six percent of American adults are afraid in water over their heads in pools. That’s 109 million people! Sixty-four percent are afraid in deep, open water. Thirty-nine percent are afraid to put their heads under water (Gallup Poll 1998). Seventy percent of drowning in America today are by adults (CDC, 2010).

When you overcome your fear of water, swimming comfortably, and feeling safe in deep water is the spontaneous, predictable, inevitable, result. This is why Miracle Swimming Instructors guarantee that you’ll learn. Together you can end drowning… which can be accomplished by the year 2100 if the world’s swim instructors and adult non-swimmers climb on board.

Feel free to call Melon Dash  at 800-723-SWIM.  You will find so much helpful and hopeful information on their website. Including educational books and DVD’s.   Visit their website atwww.conquerfear.com