IBE Barter Exchange Of Sarasota

In accordance with the IBE Trading By-Laws Rules and Regulations the IBE Members are required to trade 100% up to $2500.00 on any SINGLE transaction. There are times when this may vary (i.e.) when a selling member wishes to earn more IBE$$ on that transaction for whatever their motivation may be (i.e.) saving IBE$$ for large purchases. The ONLY exception to this rule would be when an IBE Selling Member has to purchase large hard goods outside of their existing inventory. This would be a ‘Large New Hard Good’ that would trade usually with a barter/cash blend, ‘noting,’ this would be an exception to the rule and only applies to ‘Large New Hard Good’ items that are not in the Members inventory. The barter/cash blend would be 65% trade 35% cash. The only exception would be IF the Selling & Buying Member agrees to terms that would increase the amount of accepted barter for a transaction like this based on the Selling Members motivation to generate additional IBE$$ for future purchases.

IBE Members also receive 3 to 1 Cash Referral Business from their IBE Barter Community Members. IBE Members that are happy with the services/products they have received from the IBE Barter Members then refer CASH business to them that may be business associates, family members, friends etc. that aren’t IBE members, which in turn helps to BUILD and GROW their Cash Business too!