How I Learned About IBE And Its Many Amazing Members

I was living in Pa, and getting tired of the cold weather when a friend asked me to come to Sarasota on vacation.   So I got on a plane and came down.  I was greeted me in Tampa with a dozen beautiful roses from Beneva Flowers!   The second night I was here he took me out to Ophelia’s.  I was quite impressed with the whole air of this upscale restaurant and everything about it.  The next night he took me to Clayton’s Siesta Key Grille, and I fell in love.  The presentation, the staff, and a personal visit at our table by Clayton Thompson was just a terrific experience.  It seems that everywhere we went we didn’t need money.  It reminded me of Club Med where you used beads as currency.  M-m-m-m-m…what is this all about?

I wasn’t the least bit familiar with bartering, and was fascinated about how it works.  Really?  You can go to a board-certified Dermatologist through IBE?  The guy who zaps your termites belongs to IBE?  And then he took me shopping at a wonderful store called A’Tu, a lovely boutique for women of all sizes, and enough bling-bling jewelry to blind you.  I loved it and I loved the clothes and the personal shopper lady who let me sit in the fitting room like a queen while she went and brought back more clothes.  I thought I died and went to heaven.

Since that time I have met so many quality business people through IBE. For instance, Soto Optical Boutique on Main Street in Sarasota; a beautiful shop, well appointed with glimmering displays of fabulous fashion-forward frames, accessories like La Loop, which is a jewelry like necklace that holds your glasses so you don’t put them down and forget where they are.  And these are not the creepy beaded eyeglass holders of your mother’s generation.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw a whole line of hand-painted Anuschka purses, eyeglass holders and messenger bags on a display table.  I didn’t know what to look at first.

I have eaten at Primo!, the wonderful Italian restaurant run by Mauricio Collucci.  The Flying Dog Café, also a member of IBE, has the best overstuffed sandwiches and blues music, including an open mic night, and the Broadway Bar is also a wonderful place to eat and enjoy cocktails and listen to live music.  I just got a pair of gorgeous glasses at Golden Vision Family Eye Care, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Duff’s Original Buffet.  As you can see, my friend Sande is a very generous person.  I might never have been introduced to any of these experiences if he wasn’t such an avid member of IBE, and let me not forget that Ron and Mary Unger, COO and CEO of IBE, are wonderful people.  They are helpful, really upbeat and into their business, and can direct you to whatever you need in the way of IBE and their members’ products and services.

Bartering through IBE is a thoroughly modern and intelligent way of growing your business. You can use it in so many ways.  Overstocks and slumps in the economy can be a worry of the past when you get connected into the IBE family.   You can trade that extra inventory and turn it into IBE alternative currency and then use your IBE credit to purchase products and services you actually need.  I am looking forward to making an appointment for a massage with Bich Mai Saunders, a licensed and reputable massage therapist.  I also want to take a few friends to the Vintage Salon and Spa for a spa day.  The owners, Steve and Sudie Brattli, are a pleasure to deal with and are members of the IBE family.

Well, I could go on and on forever about the benefits of IBE.  There is such a variety of quality companies affiliated with IBE that I’d be writing forever.  Oh, and don’t let me forget Apex Tent and Party Rental, where you can rent everything you need from bleachers to tents that will hold 150 people for a wedding, and all the necessary cutlery, glassware, table linens, you name it.  IBE is the first place you should check when doing any kind of business or making an investment in products and services.  And this is the way we will be doing business more and more, because it boosts the economy and fuels new business whether the world economy is in a recession or not.

If you’re still wondering why you should barter, you’re probably thinking of the old-fashioned way people used to barter.  You probably don’t know that barter is an 800 billion dollar industry that is regulated by the IRS.  It’s today’s alternative currency and a modern way of doing business.  Log onto the IBE website: and read about the potential that is out there for you, and how you can utilize bartering to inject adrenalin into your operation.