It seems to be a predictable pattern that small companies don’t have the resources to fire a full time web designer, SEO specialist, and internet marketer to handle their online marketing.  The usual way they proceed is to hire someone to do their website, and that is where the process ends.  That leaves the marketing piece out of the equation, because there’s no budget for an in-house web dept.  They can’t afford an expensive internet marketing firm like the large corporations use, and this, unfortunately, is typical with a small company.

The founders of ClikWiz saw this trend happening to small businesses and formulated an affordable way to help them, as well as to watch them grow online.  So if you’re a small company, you’re asking yourself, if I take my business to ClikWiz, what will they do for me?  First and foremost, they will use their experience, tools and internet savvy to give you the latest online trends so you can devote your valuable time to the most important task: taking care of your business.  ClikWiz will make you a website that brings immediate kudos from your business associates and other companies, and let you stand out from your competition.  And on top of that, using legal SEO techniques, they will get you more visitors, more customers, and more reasons for people to want to visit your site.

Whether you are a small company or larger, ClikWiz can help you grow your business online.  No matter what type of business you have, they will help your online business significantly grow, and in the words of the Clikwiz team, “Using the latest trends in website design and Search Engine Optimization, we’ll make sure your website is a lead generation tool that will grow your business.  A key part of that process is attracting more customers online.  Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a neighborhood Mom and Pop business, we’ll help you attract more online customers.”

Website Design Sarasota, FlordidaThe importance of a great web design cannot be underestimated, especially if it stands out among the thousands of websites competing for your customer’s attention.  If you don’t have a great website that stands out among many, you may as well not have a website. That is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important.  SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it will rank higher amongst the search engines, such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. The websites that rank on the first page of search engines are seen as top companies in that industry so don’t let your competitors take that title away from you just because they invested in SEO and you didn’t.  When your site is optimized for search marketing, ClikWiz is using proven strategies that work to put your business on top.

When ClikWiz does SEO services for you, they include Keyword Research, which is the process most businesses get wrong because they do not know what keywords to optimize for.  They also do Competition Analyses to review your top competitors and create a strategy to outrank them.  Then ClikWiz concentrates on On-Page Optimization, which means that they apply their keyword strategy to optimize each page on your website and rank for specific keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Sarasota, FloridaLink Building is the final touch and the most time-consuming aspect of SEO.  Link building is so important because the more links you have from the right websites, the more trust you gain in the search engines.  More trust = higher rank.  The statistics show that most internet searches are looking for local businesses, and contact is made with that business almost immediately after finding them online, and most are going to the site to make a purchase.  Local SEO puts your business right in front of their eyes. If your business isn’t showing up in the first 3-7 local businesses, you’ve lost that sale to a competitor.

Then ClikWiz will begin to aggressively build a campaign to weave in, or integrate your business with other websites and directories.  This will increase your business ranking in local searches and bring you more customers.

IBE Barter recommends ClikWiz as an outstanding, results-driven company that will show you top results in the field of SEO and web design.  ClikWiz is located at 7537 Oxwood St. N., in North Port, Fl.  Call them at 941-286-7040 or log onto their website at  ClikWiz has an exciting plan to make a difference in growing your business and getting your name out into the specific marketplace that will put you in a lead position!  Don’t waste any more valuable time.  Call today!