Clayton’s Siesta Grille

IBE Barter is so blessed to have Clayton’s Siesta Grille and Clayton Thompson as a distinguished member of long standing.  The moment you step into Clayton’s dining room with its wonderful, welcoming bar, you know you are going to enjoy all the amenities and a superb meal.  The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Seating is diverse, depending upon the size of your party, and every effort is made to get you comfortably seated with the libation of your choice prepared to your liking.

All around the dining room and bar are signs and artwork that provide a very interesting view and amusement while you’re waiting for your appetizer or main course.  And the help is gracious.  We have had so much fun with our usual waiter that we’ve become fast friends.

Apparently this building has been through several metamorphoses.   Before Clayton was ready to completely refurbish and redesign it, it had housed a Clayton's Siesta GrilleMattison’s and a few other restaurants.  The building had fallen into such a state of disrepair that he basically had to start from scratch to create the wonderful ambience  and well-appointed restaurant you see now.

IBE Members, if you haven’t tried Clayton’s Siesta Grille yet, treat yourself to a freshly prepared meal, always presented in true artistic style, and never disappointing. The array of choices is undeniably mouth-watering.  I’ve personally enjoyed the Herb Marinated rack of New Zealand Lamb, the absolutely divine Seared Scallops, the wonderful Crispy Roasted Half Duck, and Beef Shortribs, served boneless.  The combination of Clayton’s calling to be an excellent host and accessible to his patrons, combined with Chef Dimitri’s finely tuned excellence in presentation, and his wonderful blending of spices, sauces and complimentary finishing touches, is just superb.

Always a testament to the Owner/Manager of any restaurant is the length of time and turnover of the staff.  Clayton has a marvelous staff that he hand picks from local high school kids and mentors them until he builds the best servers possible, and you can see they are happy to work there because most have been working at Clayton’s since it opened.  Clayton is a very down-to-earth guy. He can be seen walking around Sarasota shaking hands as he introduces himself and hands out free appetizer cards.  He’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty, so he’s right in there with everyone else, shirt-sleeves rolled up and working hard.  A major treat is when he stops at each table and asks how your meal is and sometimes actually sits down and offers up conversation and is excellent company. Clayton is a family man and his restaurant is a family restaurant atmosphere with an upscale edge, and dining there is equally comfortable whether you’re with friends or family.  It’s just a laid-back atmosphere that feels a bit like putting on your most comfortable slippers and kicking back with excellent food and drink.

Clayton’s also serves the best breakfasts and is also open for lunch.  A wonderful idea for a graduation party or summer get-together would be to have Clayton cater your affair.  He can handle any size group, so give Clayton’s a call and learn more about his catering business. You can get all the information about menus and hours of operation by logging onto their website:  “LIKE” Clayton’s on Facebook!  Reservations on holidays are always a good idea, so call 941-349-2800 to make them.  Clayton’s address is 1256 Old Stickney Point Road in Sarasota. Do something special for yourself – go get that “Clayton Experience!”