Cactus Sky Communications

IBE Barter Welcomes Cactus Sky Communications.  At the helm of any successful business there is a man or woman who has dedicated 75% or more of their time to build a premier company that strives to be the best in what they do.  Peter Martin, the President of Cactus Sky Communications, and is that man, the one who saw into the future of email Marketing and how it would impact the business world.

Cactus Sky Communications is one of the top email marketing agencies in the U.S.  The way you translate the terms of true success is the fact that Cactus Sky has over a 95% email delivery rate and less than ½% unsubscribe rate. What exactly does Cactus Sky have to do to achieve this high level of status in the email Marketing business?  Cactus Sky can deliver email through SPAM filters and firewalls and track the recipient’s clicks, giving the client a marketing advantage unseen until now.

Cactus Sky utilizes ASM technology or Adaptive Sequence Messaging and provides drill down email campaigns with communications based on the recipient’s interests, resulting in a higher conversion ratio.  Peter Martin also founded which is presently the Number One Automotive Advice Site for Women and is also the creator of the Certified Female Friendly Training Program.  This program is in place to assist car dealers in selling cars and providing exceptional customer service to women. In 1987 Peter Martin worked for Ricart Ford Organization and was part of the team that brought the dealership to be the Number One Dealer status with Ford Motor Company.  It is this background in the automotive industry helped him acquire keep insight into advertising and marketing.
Email Marketing Saraosta, Bradenton FloridaPeter is a regular speaker and trainer for the NADA, the NIADA and Digital Dealer, as well as other business organizations. As a contributing author to Digital Dealer, Auto Success and other publications, he provides training and education on a variety of topics, including email marketing, web site design, sub- prime marketing, and how to sell to women.

Exactly what does Cactus Sky do?  Cactus Sky is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in the integration of all the available advertising mediums.  Because their core competency is advertising and marketing, they understand a company’s main priority is to build their brand and generate sales so they use a consulting approach as opposed to other companies who attempt to sell a particular product.  Their goal is to help businesses connect with prospects who are already receptive to their service, and maintain relationships that drive sales.

Digital Marketing Sarasota, FloridaThere are 14 members of the Cactus Sky team, each one excelling in their area and supporting the team from the Reputation Builder to the head of Motion Design, Website Design and Graphic Design.  The people behind the scenes are very often the most important part of the company and serve as columns in the support of a building.  Cactus Sky is proud to have the A-Team that takes pride in being the support that Cactus Sky executives have come to need and rely upon.

Cactus Sky is located at 5454 Lena Road, Suite 104, Bradenton, Fl 34211.  You can call them at 941-756-1932 or log onto for in-depth details and more information about what the company does.