Apex Holiday Tent Rental

Apex Holiday Tent Rental is Your Go-To Place for All Your Party Rental Needs!

One of the first things you need to do when planning a party, tent wedding, or outside event is to figure out what you’ll need to make your party happen.  That’s where the expertise of David and Antonina Greenwood, owners of Apex Holiday Tent Rental, come into play.  It’s the very reason they are visible and present at Apex….because their many years of experience can get the ball rolling on your event, whether it’s in 1 week or 6 months. And being a member of IBE Barter Exchange, you can apply your IBE dollars to the purchase price.

First you need to know that there are many different kinds of affairs or events that you probably haven’t even thought of that would qualify the services of Apex Holliday Tent Rental .  For instance, a tent is a great idea for a car dealership sale; if you’re having an outside fund raiser, anniversary party or even a fair.  Whatever your need is, Dave and Antonina can outfit you from soup to nuts.Tent Rental Sarasota Florida

Choose any size tent from 10 x 10 to 100 x 200.  The owners will be glad to assist you in determining exactly how much space you need.  They use Party Cad, which is a computerized program that is part of their free service and assures you of the right tent size, every time. You’ll receive a drawing of your tent showing where all chairs, tables, dance floors, exits and entrances will be.  Your tent can be supported by center poles that can be set up on grass, pavement, or concrete.

Antonina GreenwoodApex Tent Rental also has bleachers for your sporting event, tables for your business event, game tables for your fundraiser, and all the appropriate accessories for your church or community event.  Want to hear testimonials from satisfied customers?  Just ask and the Greenwood’s will be happy to provide those.  In fact, ask Ron or Mary Unger just how perfect a job Apex will do for you and what valued members of IBE the Greenwoods and Apex are.

Give Apex Holiday Tent Rental a call today at 941-723-1822 or 727-896-9606.  If you have a vision for your affair or event, Dave and Antonia will create and perfect your ideas and make that dream come through for you!   Visit their website!