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12 Profitable Barter Strategies for the New Year!


12 Profitable Barter Strategies for the New Year!

1. Increase Marketshare: When accepting barter business, not only do you increase sales, but you take the sale away from your competitors.

2. Reduce Overhead Costs: Using incremental barter sales to offset daily operating expenses can reduce overhead costs, i.e. janitorial service, water or coffee service, vehicle maintenance, signage, etc.

3. Collect Slow Receivables: Offer barter as a method of payment for buyers who are collection problems. Barter can also be a great alternative for buyers whose purchasing power is limited because of their credit standing.

4. Penetrate Lost Accounts: By accepting other goods as payment and filtering them through the network, you can penetrate elusive accounts.

5. Generate Referrals: More barter business typically means more people talk about your business and refer new potential cash customers, whom you otherwise would not find.

6. Reduce the Cost of Borrowing: Rather than paying cash interest on working capital or capital expenditure loans, establish a credit line from IBE Barter against future products sales – the interest is all on trade.

7. Enhance Employee Benefits: Secure employee loyalty and productivity by bartering for medical services, vehicle repair, uniforms, travel and other employee incentives.

8. Utilize Excess Capacity: As fixed costs remain the same during good times and slow times, utilize excess capacity to pay for operating expenses that are normally paid for in cash.

9. Convert Excess Inventory: List slow moving goods with IBE Barter and earn trade dollars that can be used for today’s operating expenses

10. Expand Your Advertising: Bartering your advertising will bring in new cash customers and you’ll be more visible as your competitors conserve their cash budgets.

11. Revamp your Printed Materials: Start off the New Year by revamping your company’s printed materials. Offset cash costs of printing, graphic design and commercial photography with barter.

12. Budget and Implementation: Lay out a barter budget and implement the plan throughout the year. If you budget for it, you can make it all happen!


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The Value of Wholesale Buying Power with IBE Barter

IBE Barter stimulates and brings you New and Additional Plus Business and provides you Cash Savings when making purchases.

Building NEW Business Relationships is one of the most valuable assets within the IBE Barter Community. Always treat your IBE trading partners with respect and REMEMBER, they are a VALUABLE Resource and will recommend you cash customers when they are satisfied with your services and you have earned their trust and respect.

The IBE Dollar is stronger than ever and backed by the IBE Members Products and Services.

IBE Markets your company, brings you new and additional plus business and reduces your costs when making purchases with your IBE Dollars.

Every business has a cost to generate a sale. The average cost of generating a sale is 28 to 36 percent according to the US Conference Board. This cost accounts for a companies sales force, advertising and marketing services, public relations services, online exposure, accounting and administration services and all merchandising costs.

The IBE Broker fee is considerably less at 15% to generate that same sale. IBE stimulates new and additional plus sales of your products and services. This is new business you would not have realized without being a member of the IBE Community.

**Wholesale buying power is your actual wholesale cost when using your IBE Dollars to generate new sales and utilizing these wholesale dollars when making retail purchases. If your wholesale cost is 28 cents on the dollar, then when you make a purchase using your IBE Dollars, your cost becomes 28% of the Retail cost.

Example; If you make a retail purchase of $1000.00 using your IBE Dollars, your cost is $280.00 or 28%. When you include the IBE Broker fee of 15%, your cost of that retail purchase becomes 43%. However, the IBE Broker fee also generates that new and additional plus business for you and offsets all of your existing expenses to generate that new sale.

You are actually saving 21% of the cost of a sale or purchase using your wholesale buying power through IBE.

IBE Stimulates and Generates this new business and you enjoy the savings by utilizing IBE as a sales and marketing tool to help build and grow your company.

To learn more about how your business can profit through the power of exchange
call IBE @ 941-955-6100

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Smart Business Owners Upgrade Their Business With IBE Barter

IBE is Gathering Smart Business Owners With a Common Purpose – to Upgrade Their Business!

Receive a complimentary membership and become a premier founding trading partner of the IBE Barter Exchange of Southwest Florida. Businesses in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, welcome to the IBE Barter Business Community.

Call now to redeem your Complimentary IBE Barter Membership.  941-955-6100 ext. 202

Ask for Mary Unger, Owner/Partner, Since 1991.

IBE Barter has the largest regional barter exchange on Florida’s gulf coast.  We are inviting your business to join the IBE Barter Business Community as we expand our reach into your community.

IBE Brings over 26 years of experience working with thousands of Regional, National and International Trading Business Partners. 

Feel The Results with IBE Barter, Since 1991

✓ New Customers ✓ Cash Savings ✓ No more chasing accounts receivables
✓ No more unbillable hours ✓ No more unsold goods ✓ No more unexpected expenses

Your competitors will wonder what your secret sauce is!

IBE Barter (Corporate Headquarters) 1161 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34236



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