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Barter Soars To New Heights

Dr. Michael Kanter talks about seeing the whole picture. He views his business, his home, and his relationships as integral pieces of a puzzle. He can do that, inwardly, sitting in an office chair, or, piloting his Piper Saratoga, getting a “bird’s eye view” of things.

Those “things” began, as a child, whose favorite uncle was a dentist. He knew he would follow his uncle’s footsteps, and became a dentist, too. He built three dental practices in the Sarasota, Florida area and currently practices at Lakewood Ranch Dental.

Things turned into a thriving 25+ year dental practice, family, a home on the water, a condo in the Bahamas, and the opportunity to snorkel, fish, dive in “absolutely gorgeous, crystal clear blue water.” Those entire pieces slide into place, based on drive, love of work, and a vision to grow a dental practice where, in one testimonial from the Lakewood Ranch Dental website, “it felt like they were all one big family.”

Kanter built his puzzle with an open mind. In 1983, upon returning to Sarasota after general practice residency in Jacksonville, Florida, he launched his original practice, accepting cash and insurance. “That’s when I got into bartering, when I joined IBE (International Barter Exchange),” Kanter says. “When you first start, it’s slow and you try to bring in additional business through whatever means reasonable.”

As a business person who eats out, “a lot,” Kanter befriended a member of IBE in the restaurant business and promptly joined. Finding bartering a promising marketing tool, he joined another one. He did not stay long. He had experienced inequality of reciprocal referrals, questionable pricing amongst members and no follow up from the administrators.

IBE Barter conducted the bartering service completely opposite. “IBE worked well for me,” says Kanter. “As time went on I got more and more IBE barter patients. The good thing about it is, if they are happy with your service, they’ll refer people to you who are cash patients.”

Kanter did not use barter to create a “State of the art facility,” according to the website. However, barter dollars provided office supplies, carpet cleaning and other services. “I had bartering from my first office,” he says. “When I opened my Lakewood Ranch office I continued doing barter because it was something that always worked for me.” Kanter has recently added Pediatrician Dental Services to the IBE Barter Community.

Today from that bird’s eye perspective, Kanter sees about 1000 patients, but doesn’t know how many pay with barter credit. Many have become a staple of his practice.  “It doesn’t matter what form of payment my patients use. Being here so long and having so many patients that have been patients for so long, and they have families, I know, there are a good number of IBE patients when they come in,” he says.

barter-soars-leaningThree practices and plenty of word-of-mouth advertising, Kanter says he doesn’t need barter as a tool to build his current business, but, has no reason NOT to have it.  After all, he added another piece to the puzzle when he added bartering for personal use. With bartered home care services, a pool remodeling, dining, and “other services you would use anyway,” Kanter says, “it just works real well for me and that’s why I stayed in all these years. The IBE owners “made it pleasurable and very beneficial for me,” he adds.

And, beneficial to his fellow members. Kanter continues to refer IBE services that he has enjoyed using. “I take people to IBE restaurants, and they go back as new customers,” he says. “I’ve referred my plumber, my lawn guy—all kinds of businesses. I’m real happy with my laundry service. They pick up and deliver without extra cost. If somebody is doing a good job, and they’re working with me, I’ll recommend them. It’s the right thing to do.”

In turn, Kanter has seen his referred clients arrive as one-time patients and leave as ongoing clients. “They’ve already been told something good about your practice,” he says. His approach is to figure out the patients’ comprehensive needs. Even if it is an episodic patient, “Once we address that,” says Kanter, “we always do our best to convert the patient to a comprehensive, so they could basically prevent those kinds of problems from happening. Our practice is almost all comprehensive care. It just worked out that way.”

It also worked out to build a loyal staff, some who have been with his practice for 15, 18, and 27 years. “My staff is so wonderful,” says Kanter. “Everybody knows everybody; they know what works; how to make everybody happy. It just makes everything flow. When you have a crew like that, it makes life so easy.”

Bartering makes it easy to reward his staff. On a regular basis, Kanter offers IBE restaurant scrips, Christmas gifts, holiday bonuses and other members’ services to his staff. Unlike some businesses that have dropped health care for their employees, and finding alternative methods to compensate, Kanter doesn’t offer bartering as an option or replacement. He provides health insurance for his employees. He says the dental industry has not been affected by the new laws, as much as the medical community. Still, he has seen unfortunate changes.barter-soars-front

“The way the insurance companies are cutting reimbursement down so low, a lot of times it works out better for me to do a barter patient than an insurance patient,” he says. Some of his patients who barter for their treatment would be unable to get dental care if they could not barter.

Kanter says whether his patients pay with insurance, cash, or IBE barter, it is the conglomeration of everything that makes his practice successful and completes the puzzle.

“I guess if you left out anything, you’d have less of a total picture,” Kanter says. “Then maybe you wouldn’t be able to afford some of those things, because your total picture is less. Like my beautiful airplane. If you add it up, how much cash money I saved just using barter, going out to dinner for a year that would probably cover the airplane maintenance for a year. I didn’t get my airplane through barter, but definitely the total picture of having that extra income and ability from it, allowed me to divert other money toward that hobby.”

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IBE Barter Exchange Of Sarasota

In accordance with the IBE Trading By-Laws Rules and Regulations the IBE Members are required to trade 100% up to $2500.00 on any SINGLE transaction. There are times when this may vary (i.e.) when a selling member wishes to earn more IBE$$ on that transaction for whatever their motivation may be (i.e.) saving IBE$$ for large purchases. The ONLY exception to this rule would be when an IBE Selling Member has to purchase large hard goods outside of their existing inventory. This would be a ‘Large New Hard Good’ that would trade usually with a barter/cash blend, ‘noting,’ this would be an exception to the rule and only applies to ‘Large New Hard Good’ items that are not in the Members inventory. The barter/cash blend would be 65% trade 35% cash. The only exception would be IF the Selling & Buying Member agrees to terms that would increase the amount of accepted barter for a transaction like this based on the Selling Members motivation to generate additional IBE$$ for future purchases.

IBE Members also receive 3 to 1 Cash Referral Business from their IBE Barter Community Members. IBE Members that are happy with the services/products they have received from the IBE Barter Members then refer CASH business to them that may be business associates, family members, friends etc. that aren’t IBE members, which in turn helps to BUILD and GROW their Cash Business too!

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Build & Grow Your Business

IBE Barter allows airlines and restaurants to fill empty seats, hotels and resorts to fill empty rooms, printers fill press downtime, professionals can fill empty time slots, health care professionals can treat new patients. Business owners and professionals can then take this new found revenue and reduce cash expenses or expand their operations. Businesses across America are taking a serious look at IBE Barter as a way to build their bottom line, and the rapid growth of the barter industry can only mean that business across the country like what today’s IBE Barter Economy has to offer.


We market your business to other exchange member businesses in the online member directory, weekly enews and through our Brokers. Your business gets incremental sales from buyers looking for barter opportunities within the IBE Barter Community.


The number one source of advertising for small businesses is “word of mouth.” If you do a good job for an IBE Member, they will refer their cash-paying friends, customers, family and other businesses to you. Additionally, barter revenue from the incremental sales that we will bring you can be used for radio, television, print, direct mail, outdoor, online campaigns and other types of advertising to attract more cash customers and build your brand.


You can improve cash flow by increasing sales and reducing costs. Participating in the IBE Barter Exchange does both! IBE Barter enables you to pay for the products and services you need with what you have. When you hire a contractor, paint your office, or buy office related services with IBE Barter dollars, you conserve your cash to pay other expenses. And, when you purchase using IBE Barter dollars, you pay for it with revenue from new sales – sales that you probably would never have had. MOVE EXCESS INVENTORY AND FILL IDLE TIME: Every business owner has excess inventory, production, capacity or appointment time. That unscheduled appointment today has zero value tomorrow. When you join the IBE Barter Exchange, we provide you with new business to put your excess to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by matching your product or service with businesses looking to purchase them on trade. CREAT WHOLESALE BUYING POWER: With IBE Barter, the actual cost of the products you purchase on trade is the wholesale cost of your barter dollars earned. Making sales with built-in profits makes the cost of your purchases more economical on trade. When you join the IBE Barter Exchange, you open the door to a new, cash-free way of handling every day business and personal expenses. IBE BARTER PROVIDES A COMPETITIVE EDGE: The IBE Barter Community will patronize your business over the competition because your barter affiliation is an incentive to do business with you. Barter attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your company.


We eliminate collections. When you make a barter sale to an IBE Barter Member, you process the transaction by calling the IBE Office or online postings to verify that the buyer has the IBE Currency available to pay for their purchase. COLLECT RECEIVABLES: A small business might find it difficult to pay you the cash they owe, but would welcome the opportunity to fulfill their obligation with payment in products or services. IBE Barter Members can then offer these goods and services to other members of the IBE Barter Community for IBE Currency which get deposited to your IBE Barter account for the balance you were owed. Your non-collectable receivable just became revenue that can be spent on a variety of business expenses. EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES: By using,The IBE Barter Community of Healthcare Professionals, you can provide a much appreciated benefit to employees without having to pay cash for it. IBE Barter is also a great way to offer contest prizes, bonuses, wellness programs and tickets – all available to you without using cash, and all based on your cost of the incremental business that we have brought you.

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J & R Glass And Mirror Company

Owning a home or business is a huge responsibility.  Every few years different fixtures, flooring and other odds and ends must be replaced.  After all, your home or business is an investment.  One of the major items that should be replaced is glass.  Think of the glass you have in your home…is it energy efficient?  Is your shower enclosure water tight and do you want a more modern look?  Your sliding glass doors are also important, and so are your table tops, glass shelving and glass railings. This is just another area of your life where your IBE dollars can come into play.

Experience and reputation really do matter.  J&R Glass and Mirror in Sarasota is the perfect example.  Roy Schneider, owner and operator, has been in the business for over 33 years.  Before he went out on his own in 1997, he began to see what shoddy work was being performed in our area.  Shortcuts were taken, and safety was sacrificed, so his personal credo became “safety first, beauty second.”  Integrity is first and foremost with J&R Glass and Mirror.

When Roy became an IBE Barter member, the same excellence in standards applied to any Barter job that J&R performed. Roy says that any work that has his name on it will be a perfect  fit, be up to current code and will utilize only the best and safest materials.  This is a man who can’t put his head down at night unless he holds himself and his business up to the toughest standards.  That can be pretty rare these days, that a man will accept nothing less than a perfect job and won’t finish a job unless it is PERFECT.

J&R Glass and Mirror does a myriad of services involving glass.  Some examples are custom mirrored walls, tub and shower enclosures, frameless heavy glass shower enclosures, table tops, counter tops, storefront windows, replacement windows and window repairs.  And that’s not all.  They can put in glass railing systems, sliding glass door repairs, broken window repairs, and more.  J&R Glass has their own team and will only send a team member out to do a job.   If you have a dream of how you want your custom glass to look, they have an artist who does highly skilled etching and carving.

J&R glass has a showroom at 7621 15th St. E., Unit 2E in Sarasota.  Come in and visit and take some time to look around at all the fabulous styles and patterns of glass available.  They carry the very latest in products and design and have a friendly, skilled staff.  Call today with any questions at 941-355-4969 or log onto their website  for more information.  If you can’t come to their showroom, they’ll be glad to come to you.  They want your experience with J&R Glass and Mirror to be an enjoyable one that you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Don’t forget that J&R Glass is a member of IBE Barter.  Those IBE dollars go a long way in affording products and services that can be a burden on your budget. Feel free to call Ron or Mary Unger for their opinion about J&R Glass and Mirror.

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Longboat Key Signs

If you’re looking for top quality signs created by artisan sign-makers at reasonable prices, look no further.  Longboat Key Signs is your go-to sign maker, utilizing the latest technology in design and equipment.  Need customer apparel?  Longboat Key can get you an extensive variety of products to help you advertise your good name in your desired fashion.

We can even make you shirts for any occasions, for teams and organizations and events.  Longboat Key Signs will go the whole nine yards to produce top-of-the-line representations of your business, event, or logo.

Did you know that Longboat Key Signs has the ability to produce sandblasted signs, routed signs, banners, large format printing, plus vehicle and window lettering?  We will happily do storefront signage, new logos and so many more products.  If you need signage assistance,  come to Longboat Key Signs and know you’ll be walking away with the best merchandise in the area.

Customer Service is extremely important.  I spoke to Ross, the owner of Longboat Key Signs and he ranks Customer Service as the number one aspect that keeps Sign Shop Long Boat Keycustomers coming back for more products, months, even years after their first job.  Getting the job finished in a timely manner is also key. Ross has enjoyed fifteen years of success and repeat customers at his present location.

The idea of having customized shirts, signs, logos and window art is an effortless way to advertise your business and build curiosity and bring in new customers.  Were stuck in traffic so much in the season that reading signs on cars or lettering in the window in the car in front of you is forming an identity of a service or product you might just badly need. Remember this when you’re brainstorming ideas to get your business name out in the public arena.

Longboat Key Signs is located at 536 General Harris St. in Longboat Key, Florida.  Call 941-383-0202 for estimates, for explanations of what Ross can do to enhance your business, and all the products he can make for you that will bring new customers your way.  To sum up the reasons to bring your business to Ross at Longboat Key, consider these: Quality materials, dependable work and fast turnaround, the availability of t-shirts, apparel, business logos, vinyl signage, and all types of signage needs that will have a prospective customer take a second look at your business.  Let us put the artistry and our expertise into your vision!

Please give us a call today to take advantage of all the services below, to help you accomplish your signage needs quickly and with the finest materials and customer service. We have:

*All types of signs  *Banners *Boat names *Business logos *Vinyl Signs *Vehicle Graphics *Sandblasted, routed signs *T-shirts *Lettering *Numbering * And much more!

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Soto’s Optical, Ron And Kim Soto

If you’re looking for designer eye wear and a huge selection of eyewear boutique items, look no further.  Soto’s Optical Boutique on Main Street in Sarasota is a wonderful place to find exactly what you’re looking for in eyewear, as well as upscale accessories like hand-painted Anuschka purses, and La Loop eyeglass holders, in an atmosphere of pendant lighting and a friendly, informed staff.

Ron and Kim Soto have been IBE members for quite awhile.  When you’re looking for a distinctive look in glasses and accessories, you won’t be disappointed at Soto’s Optical Boutique. Use your IBE membership to take advantage of the style and artistry of this distinctive eyewear store.  Just some of the designer brands available at Soto’s Optical are: Zero G Eyewear, Eye Wood Eyewear, Specs 2 C Eyewear, Dolabany, OGI, Kawasaki, Swiss Flex Eyewear, Seraphin Eyewear and Minima Eyewear.  Also, red lunettes, Porsche Design, Bevel, Orgreen, Freudenhaus, Beausoleil, and Wiley X, as well as Loree Rodkin, Satsuda, Yabi/art Frames, and Costa Del Mar sunglasses.  They have a great selection of up-scale and fashion-forward frames that you won’t see everywhere.

The reason why Ron and Kim Soto are so successful is that when you enter into their inner sanctum, their “showroom” so to speak, the lighting is perfect for searching for just the right frame and the flow of their store guides you along on a discovery path of displays of that are artfully placed on built-in wall displays. There’s so much to look at but there is a definite “flow” to how the showroom is set up.  There are super gift ideas for anyone who wears glasses including a large selection of La Loop eyeglass leashes, glass cases, and hand-painted eyeglass purses.

This is a family business dating back to 1949.  When Ron was in high school he would work in his father’s optical store after school.  He completed his 4 year apprenticeship and became a licensed optician in 1980.  There’s a sleepy black lab hanging out in the store who raises his head when you walk in the door, then goes back to napping.  The staff is friendly and interested.  They are also well-versed on how to guide you into making the best choice.

Going to Soto’s Optical Boutique and using your IBE currency is a win-win move and a very unique shopping experience.  When you’re in the market for glasses, Soto’s Optical is the place.

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Introducing Dr. Jack Jawitz

Dr. Jack Jawitz is a  certified Internist and Dermatologist, as well as owner of the Bradenton Dermatology and Laser Center.  Dr. Jawitz is an IBE Barter member and is a health practitioner.  Having had personal appointment with Dr. Jawitz, who gave me a cancer screening last year, I can speak from experience when I say he is thorough and enjoys educating his patients about crucial skin issues.  Take the sun, for example.  Dr. Jawitz will tell you just stay away from it.  If you have to be out in the sun, wear a sunscreen of at least 30spf, and re-apply every two hours.

Dr. Jawitz is a board certified Dermatologist as well as Internist but dedicates his endeavors to the practice of dermatology.  He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders.  He also studies the structure and functions of the skin and the relationship between skin pathologies and malfunction of the organs of the body.  Dr. Jawitz also performs the latest cosmetic services, and MOHS surgery.

Being able to use your IBE dollars for important health issues is a bonus.  As the ozone continues to thin out and the sun’s rays become more damaging, dermatologists have noticed an increase in sun-related anomalies in their patient population that directly correlate with sun exposure. Dr. Jawitz will provide you with a full body check for suspicious lesions and tumors.  After sending those to a pathology lab he will report the results to you and suggest further treatment.  Bradenton Dermatolgy

Your dermatologist should have knowledge of basic sciences including microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, physics and physiology.  They must also have a working knowledge of basic surgery, neurology, and endocrinology.  They must be familiar with all the other medical specialties because skin diseases are often associated with internal conditions.

Dr. Jawitz begins your first visit by taking your medical history.  This should the first step of any contact with a doctor or health practitioner.  In order to classify a skin condition, a dermatologist will ask detailed questions on the duration and temporal pattern of skin problems, itching or pain, relations to food intake, sunlight, over-the-counter creams and clothing. When an underlying disease is suspected, a more detailed history of related symptoms might be elicited.

You will be examined under a bright light to review any lesions that might be troublesome.  He will then take a sample for analysis.  A culture or Gram staining of suspected infectious lesions may identify a pathogen and help direct therapy. If the diagnosis is uncertain, or cutaneous malignancy is suspected, a small punch-hole biopsy can be taken under local anesthetic, to be examined by a specialist of histopathology.

Dr. Jawitz is fully certified to perform the above services and give you the knowledge of exactly what condition you have.  This information, when tests come back negative, is a reason to be extremely happy.  I encourage you to visit Dr. Jawitz very soon and put your own mind at rest.   Dr. Jawitz’ Dermatology practice is located at 2919 26th Ave. West, Bradenton, Fl. Call for your appointment today: 914-755-2255.

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services The Modern-Day Answer To Hospital Emergency Room Visits…

IBE Barter members have such an array of services and products available to them with “alternative currency”, your IBE dollars.  If you are not aware of some of these services, they are listed under categories on the IBE website.  One great example is the Oaks Medical Plaza and Dr. John K. Head, M.D.  According to the National Med/Network, urgent care is defined as “a medical  facility where ambulatory patients can be treated on a walk-in basis, without an appointment, and receive immediate non-emergent care.”

Urgent care facilities were created in hopes of reserving the emergency room for those with life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

A friend of mine, who is also an IBE member, was recently a patient at the Oaks Medical Plaza, where Dr. Head took care of him.  He was so impressed with the doctor and his care that he inspired me to write this article.  My friend could clearly see the benefits of this kind of care.  He walked in with nasal congestion and a headache, but wanted to be sure he wouldn’t be complicating his symptoms on an airplane the next day, when he was leaving for London.  Dr. Head examined him and prescribed an antibiotic in the event that flying would worsen his symptoms.  He was also given a prescription for cough medicine and felt Dr. Head covered all the bases and possibilities.

There are definitely advantages in going to a place like Oaks Medical Plaza.  You have quicker access for treatment of your non-life threatening illness or injury.  I understand the co-payments are cheaper than treatment co-pays in the hospital emergency rooms.  You don’t need an appointment, and there are extended hours in most urgent care facilities.  They’re open on holidays and weekends, and you can usually find them in residential areas, in strip malls and alongside stores.

If you are new to the area and haven’t chosen a primary care doctor, or if your doctor’s office is not open, a walk-in facility is the answer to your needs.  Dr. Head and his staff have the experience and credentials to give you quality, non-emergent care.

The statistics are fascinating!  Of the100 million people using the ER yearly, as many as 80% qualify as non-emergencies.  There are currently over 8,500 urgent care facilities in the U.S. and that number is increasing by 300 a year.  Walk-in medical services have proven to be the better choice both medically and financially.  It’s important and useful to know that there are alternatives to using the Emergency Room for your health issues.

I highly recommend Dr. John Head, M.D., and the Oaks Medical Plaza.  You will find the Medical Plaza at 308 53rd Ave East, in Bradenton, Fl.  For additional information on hours or directions, call (941) 751-5551.  It’s just another bonus of being an IBE member, that quality; immediate medical services are available without having to go to the Emergency Room at your local hospital.

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Ionie Healing Center And Raw Food Café

Located at 1241 Fruitville Road in Sarasota is a wonderful health oasis called Ionie Healing Center and Raw Food Café.  It embodies a powerful way of eating, living, and thinking – that is, that raw foods, yoga and other exercise, plus a healthy mindset, can heal your inflamed body, give you relief from pain and other problems, and provide you with a quality of life you didn’t know you could have.

It begins with eating raw foods.  In our fast-living pace, we’ve forgotten, or maybe never knew, how nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits with vegan gourmet cuisine, can benefit us.  It elongates our lives and gives us the pleasure of enjoying each day, pain-free, filled with energy and positive motivation.  This raw cuisine might sound like an impossible regimen to keep for the rest of your life, however, with Ionie’s way of preparing the food,  you won’t believe it’s raw and you will be surprised at how delicious your new way of eating is!

Being that Ionie believes in treating each part of your body and mind for a total healing, exercise and knowledge are also valuable parts of the equation to optimum health.  Classes in different disciplines are offered, as well as various kinds of massage, spiritual counseling, acupuncture, bio feedback, yoga, reflexology, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.  All of these healthful disciplines are available to help you achieve a life force that will balance the flow of life energy in your mind and body.Total healing, exercise and knowledge

Ionie Health Center and Raw Food Café is a member of IBE Barter Exchange.  As with other health-related members, IBE is connected to many health practitioners and positive energy, homeopathic treatment centers.  If you’ve never considered eating a raw food diet, perhaps you aren’t familiar with the possibilities and positive healing benefits you’ll achieve.  A small list of benefits are:

•    You’ll have more energy
•    You’ll need less sleep
•    You will lose weight
•    Your skin will be rejuvenated
•    You will experience better memory
•    Your immune system will improve
•    Your fertility will improve
•    You can prevent diabetes or reverse it

Ionie’s treatments include an Oxygenated Steam Sauna, which pairs heat with concentrated oxygen to help you detoxify the body, improve heart function and circulation while stimulating metabolism and making weight loss easier.  Ionie suggests the sauna for pre or post massage treatment to promote relaxation.

When you put yourself in the hands of Ionie’s staff, and you begin to see the difference in the quality of your life, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.  Our everyday lives include endless bottles of prescriptions, symptoms of inflammatory disease in our bodies, pain, depression, inability to exercise, memory loss, and so much more.  Step up to a 100% natural regimen that will promote such a feeling of well-being and healing that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.  Call 941-955-4599 for an appointment with one of our counselors to see which services we recommend you do first to promote healing and a sense of well-being. You can also log onto their website,, and see for yourself how dedicated they are to promoting better health in their clients.

Stop in and pick up some IBE scrip so you begin your journey towards healing and better health.  You’ll be so happy you made the decision to choose a healthy life!

Ionie Healing Center, Sarasota Florida

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Medical – Barter Exchange Services Dr. Steven Gupta

Meet Dr. Steven Gupta, IBE Barter Exchange Member  has been a Board certified family physician in Sarasota since 1995.  His practice is an outpatient  family practice/urgent care clinic with extended hours available.  Office hours are: Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm and Saturdays (by appointments only) 9:30-12pm.

Emergency Medicine Sarasota

r.Gupta has 18 years plus years of emergency room experience and deals with a variety of complex patients with complex geriatric/medication issues.  He also has a certification in Bariatric Medicine (WEIGHT LOSS MEDICINE) and can offer his weight loss patients a medically supervised weight loss program tailored specifically for their needs.  Bee Ridge Family Practice offers both traditional weight loss plus an HCG program for weight loss.

If you have sleep apnea, insomnia, if you snore, have restless leg syndrome or persistent fatigue, Dr. Gupta will be able to help you.  We offer the latest cutting edge anti-aging treatments including Bio identical Hormone Replacement, testosterone treatment for low libido, and for sexual dysfunction for both men and women to improve the way you look and feel. Dr. Gupta also deals with a variety of problems regarding erectile dysfunction and offers his male patients a variety of options.   All of these treatments are designed to achieve a younger, more confident you.

Dr.Gupta is also Medical Director of Sarasota Laser Hair Removal.  The Light Sheer Diode laser is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction using the latest technology making it fast and virtually painless.  It’s advanced laser hair removal for both men and women.  Give Susan our Medical Esthetician and CME Laser Hair Removal Technician a call to schedule a consultation at 941-371-9355 at ext. 118.  You may also contact Susan regarding our HCG program, weight loss or questions regarding Bio-identical replacement.

Bee Ridge Family Practice is located at 4541 Bee Ridge Road, in Sarasota.  If you would like an appointment, please call 941-371-9355.  Office hours are : Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm and Saturdays (by appointments only) from 9:30-12pm.  Feel free to call and ask about appointment availability.  Log onto www.stevenvgupta.comfor more information on Dr. Steven Gupta. Our practice welcomes all IBE Members for the above medical conditions!


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