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Sarasota Barter - IBE

IBE Barter ExchangeIBE Members understand the importance of belonging to a barter exchange that educates their members on a 'Zero Base Controlled Economy'. These principles are easy to understand and follow.

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Cashless Society?

What does a cashless society mean to Americans? Recent news articles talk a lot about the elimination of our paper and coin currency carried in our pockets, wallets and pocketbooks.

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Something About Mary

As the world market changes and the economy is limping back gradually to a healthier state, the Sarasota marketplace has remained robust when it comes to Bartering.

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Patricia Musselwhite-Weaver, MA, LMHC

Written by Laurie Mirkin. Posted in Services

Patricia MusselwhiteLife is very complex and sometimes you don’t know exactly what to do with what’s going on.  Old issues that were not treated or addressed, relationships or work stressors, issues with disabilities or addiction – all of these, if left untreated, begin to chip away at your life as you find no relief, no outlet or a person to help you. For some it’s a giant step to be willing to talk to someone who wants to listen.  To seek relief, education and compassion is a big and important beginning towards starting the healing process.  Sometimes its old childhood problems such as sexual or physical abuse, abandonment or neglect, that have shaped your life, and you need someone to listen to you and a place to feel safe.  Many aspects from your past that you have suppressed may make you feel like a walking time bomb and feel like you’re waiting to explode.

Dr. Brett S. Hirsch

Written by Laurie Mirkin. Posted in Health Care

Dr. Brett HirschWelcome to the office of IBE member Dr. Brett Hirsch and his friendly staff.  Making the decision to have a Plastic Surgical procedure is very serious.  It’s not just a name you pick out from a website.  It’s about the training, the dedication to perfection and the quality of a surgeon’s work that weighs heavily on the choice you make.  It has been said that Brett Hirsch is the Plastic Surgeon that other Plastic Surgeons go to, and that says a lot.

My Sterling Smile

Written by Laurie Mirkin. Posted in Health Care

Dr. PereIBE Barter Welcomes You to My Sterling Smile.  Dr Stephan Pere and his practice want you to feel welcome and make themselves available to answer your questions either by their online email form, or by phone. Throughout their website lies an abundance of information about procedures that are offered by Dr. Pere and his staff.  Dr. Pere’s father was also a dentist and he chose to school at the University of Alabama’s Dental School, which was his father’s alma mater.  He has been treating adults and children for 15 years. He is extremely happy to perform cosmetic dentistry as well as using Botox, Juvaderm and Dysport to enhance the faces of his patients.  The entire team at My Sterling Smile offer their compassionate care along with a totally modern dental office that is family-oriented.

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